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Free download Gpg4win from Direct Link

Day by day security issues is getting more and more serious. There are thousands of reports about the hacking of emails. To avoid any kind of email theft, you can download Gpg4win to encrypt your emails and all the contents in them.

Gpg4win is an app that is used to transport emails or files without giving access to any unwanted party. You can easily encrypt your emails, files, or folder and send them to the user that you want. The application can perform encryption and digital signatures. It can support cryptography standards, OpenPGP, and S/MIME (X.509).

The application can support the above and is standardized for Windows OS. Both OpenPGP (Open source PGP) and S/MIME (X.509) are either key-based encryption for files or is public-key encryption and signing of MIME data. In simple words, they both are used to protect your emails.

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Gpg4win Download

Use the direct links below to download the application directly from the Gpg4win server. The setup file is in a standalone offline installer.

SHA256: f83be101c5e9c23740d6fde55fd8fefebf4fafb7badcb3756d1f574b5ad37507

OpenPGP signature (for gpg4win-4.0.0.exe)

gpg4win download

File: gpg4win-4.0.0.exe

Size: 27.6MB

Software: Gpg4win

License: Freeware

OS: Windows

Developer: Gpg4win Project

Features of Gpg4win


While using the application you will find the following components:

GnuPG- is a core encryption tool.

Kleopatra- is a certified manager that is used for OpenPGP, X.509 (S/MIME) and for common crypto dialogs.

GPA- is an alter tools for OpenPGP and X.509.

GpgOL- is a plugin that is used on Microsoft Outlook (2003-2013) for email purposes.

GPEX- will be used as a plugin to ensure the security of Microsoft Explorer.

Claws Mail- is a great way of encryption for mails.

Gog4win Compendium- will be used to perform the documentation for both beginners and professionals.

The Gpg4win has the ability to encrypt single files, multiple folders and mails.

You can create and verify your encrypted files easily.

There is a Key Manager that create keys for OpenGPG, X.509, and other crypto dialogs such as Kleopatra. GNU privacy assistance, GggOL (Outlook), and Claws mail user agent all are supported.

Using the application, you can create certificates for ASC, CER, CERT, DER and PEM.

Installation of Gpg4win

For using the application, you will download then will perform the installation. The installation is easy and is guided by the application, so we have left that part for you.

Once the installation got completed then you will open the application and will create an OpenPGP key pair with Kleopatra. Now you will import an existing one and will sign in to your Email for performing encryption.

You can also encrypt the files instead of Email; just select the files instead of logging in to your Email.

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