Here you can download Microsoft word 2010. Microsoft Word has been a standard word processing tool for a long period of time. It is no unknown fact that Microsoft has taken those standards are even higher with MS Office 2010 Word.

File: Microsoft_Word.iso

Size: 350MB

Developer: Microsoft

Language: English

Last update: January 14, 2020

License: Trial/ Purchasable

Download the Word 2010 and enjoy the improved document navigation. Now, writing or creating anything on Word has never been easier before. The new Word 2010 is better in word processing, grammar and spelling checking.

MS Word 2010 was a software bundle from Microsoft Office 2010. Microsoft has now added tons of new features with a more advanced and friendly interface-based word processor for the users.

The interface is improved and is more customized than before. Word 2010 also supports the ribbon-like interface, however, it has helped the users ways more than just a change in interface. According to users, the interface is now more user-friendly, the tools are easier to find and within a few uses, everyone can get used to it.


 You will be glad to hear that now there is a security option where you can only read the document and cannot edit. This feature can help highly to protect your data and keep your files safe from other threats.

Word 2010 allows you to save all those un-intentionally closed documents. We all hate when we spend hours on a project, and close the project without it being saved. Word 2010 has the option to save your files automatically on a draft folder, so your work won’t go waste.

There is a new navigation pane called Find tool. The tools help us to find or navigate in a document easily. Find tool can easily find the searched word or term within a second.

Now, Word 2010 has better graphics editing and handling tools, you can easily add, removed or replaced different shapes,

A new feature called “co-authoring” is introduced in MS Office 2010 Word. The feature will allow two users to simultaneously work on a single Word document.

A wide range of themes and SmartArt graphics are introduced to create a more eye-catching document for the users.

To keep the interface clear, developers have created another back page just for things like share, print, save and more.

 All the popular document formats are supported including PDF. You can change the document in PDF directly then send it through email by using Outlook.


microsoft office 2010 word iso

For using Word 2010 on your computer, your system should be at least Pentium III with 500MHz processor. There should be also 256MB RAM with 500 MB free storage. The file size is only 350MB, however, it takes about 1-3 GB free storage to run on your computer. The application can be used on Windows XP professional or any advanced operating system.

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