Download Linux Deepin Operating System ISO File

Download Linux Deepin and experience its efficiency, beauty, elegance, and productive environment. From the personal experience, I can say this with full confidence that Linux Deepin will blow your mind.

Get the most beautiful OS out there for free. It won’t cost you even a penny to download or use it. It is not just another Linux OS from Linux distributions but it is something new with eye-catching UI.

Download Linux Deepin

Click on the link below to download the latest Linux Deepin version for free. The currently available version is Deepin 15.11 which was released in 2019. The latest version is still not publically available and is expected to be released on November 15, 2015.

Deepin is a Linux distribution focused to provide a safe, stable and user-friendly operating systems for the world.

File Size: 2.30 GB

File: Linux Deepin 15.11

Type: ISO

Distribution: Open-Source

Developers: Wuhan Deepin Technology CO. LTD

Family: Linux

If the link doesn’t work for certain reasons, just scroll down at the bottom and click on the link.

What is Linux Deepin?

Linux Deepin Wallpaper

The Deepin OS is also famous by names such as Linux Deepin or Hiweed. Deepin is a Debian based OS, while all the features of Qt as Deepin Environment Desktop also present.

The first version of Linux Deepin was released on Feb, 28,2004. It was named as Hiwix 0.1 and was Ubuntu-based. Before Version 15 which was released in late 2015, all of them were Ubuntu based. But soon they have changed from Ubuntu to Debian.

This operating system was developed in China is one of the most beautiful OS in entire Linux Distributions. Linux Deepin is not only beautiful but is also productive. We can say that this is an example of “beauty and the beast”.

The reason for the popularity of Deepin is its Desktop Environment. Out of most of the Desktop Environments out there, Deepin is one of the most elegant and modern.

The team of Deeping has worked amazingly on things like apps, animations, browser, and basic desktop layout.

The OS supports both open-source and proprietary (those who have an owner) applications as well. Apps from google chrome, steam, power ISO, to Microsoft office all of them are supported by this operating system.

DDE or Deeping Desktop Environment is based on the Qt toolkit. And the latest version of Deeping (20) uses the Qt 5 and all its features.

Here is a promo by the developers. Here you can see the entire overview of this amazing OS. After you can easily agree with our statement “most beautiful operating system”.

Linux Deepin 15.11

Linux Deepin 15.11

It was released on 19, July 2019. This is the latest version of Linux Deepin available in the current market.


The Linux Deepin has a very straight forward UI to install it on your computer. You won’t require much computer knowledge to install it. Some basic info is enough to complete your installation. You will need to complete the following technical requirements to install Linux Deepin OS on your computer.

Processor: Pentium 4 with 2GHz or better

Memory: 1GB of RAM (using 2GB or more will give you smoother performance)

Hard-disk: at least 10 GB

Graphics: GeForce 610 (any latest Intel or AMD card will also work)

You will also need a blank DVD or Pen drive to create a bootable USB for the installation. The flash drive/ pen drive should at least hold at least 8 GB. To create a bootable USB drive you also need a third-party app. Here you can know about the best software to create a bootable USB.

And here you can learn to create a bootable USB.

Before to start the installation lets overview again the things which are required to install Linux Deepin.

  • ISO file
  • Specs requirements should meet
  • A pen drive/ DVD
  1. Reboot into BIOS

The first thing you will need to do is to reboot your computer. Reboot your computer and go to the BIOS of your computer.

2. Save the Changes

Change your computers BIOS (make the flash drive as default) and save it.

3. Install Deepin

Now, in new windows “Install Deepin” will appear. Click on the button and continue to next step.

4. Select language and create account

Select the language and create an account according to yourself.

5. Partition and continue

Do the partition and a warning sign soon will appear. Click on the continue and follow the next step.

6. Install and reboot

Now, wait for the installation to get complete and again reboot your computer.

7. Change BIOS

As now your computer is restarting. Change your BIOS again as it was before installation. Your computer will reboot again.

8. Enjoy

The Linux Deepin OS is now successfully installed on your computer.


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