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Free Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 Download For Windows 10

Get free Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 download for Windows 10 latest version. The Premiere Pro setup file is a full standalone offline installer, click on the links given to download it.

Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 Overview

adobe premiere pro 2020 for Windows OS
adobe premiere pro 2020 for Windows OS

Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the most powerful software used for editing any video format. Premiere Pro is so powerful and successful that it has become the standard video editor around the world.

Any video content that you have enjoyed or have seen on the internet, T.V or on your mobile phones, almost all of them are edited on Adobe Premiere Pro.

From small startups to big corporates, all of them use Premiere Pro as their primary video editor.

While using the application, you will realize how good the video editor is. You can add/remove effects, trim or cut any section of the video with ease.

In fact, it can’t be wrong to say that it is the best video editor for both amateurs and professionals in 2021.

The application was released on November 4, 2019, as a successor of Adobe Premiere Pro 2019 and Adobe Premiere Pro 2018.

Like any previous version of Premiere Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro is also released with a number of major improvements being made.

The Timeline is re-designed completely. Numbers of shortcut keys are added for effortless editing.

Wide numbers of tutorials are available on the internet with a documentation section inside the application for the users to know the application better.

Not only the Adobe Creative Tools have better integration with Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 but other Adobe service’s integration such as Adobe apps are also improved.

Services like Adobe Sensei are available to polish movies and videos to another level. Thanks to the advanced engine, Premiere Pro 2020 utilizes GPU acceleration and performs faster video rendering.

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Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 Download for Windows 10

adobe premiere pro 2020
adobe premiere pro 2020

Click on the given links to download Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 for Windows 10. Once Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 offline standalone installer is downloaded, you will need to open the file and insert the password. Click on the first button to download the first part then the second for the second part. The password is “”.

Requirement for Premier Pro 2020

To run Adobe Premiere Pro 2020, you will need Windows 10. Even though the application will also work on Windows 8.1 still, we would recommend you to use it on Windows 10. As on Windows OS, earlier than Windows 10 might limit your features.

You will also need a total of 8 GB RAM memory with 4 GB of free storage. For most of the time, Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Phenom II processor is enough. However, it is not the best option.

To use the application at its peak, try to use a processor like Intel Core i5 64-bit or 512 AMD Radeon HD 6750.

Other additional hardware like a monitor with 1280 x 800 screen resolution support, hard disk with 7200 RPM, sound card compatible with ASIO protocol or Microsoft Windows Driver Model is required.

Quick Time 7.6.6 software for Quick Time features are also needed. However, if are not interested in this feature then there is no need for Quick Time.

Features of Adobe Premiere Pro 2020

In Adobe Premiere Pro 2020, the famous CC has been removed. Now, it is called Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 only.

Here in this version of Premiere Pro, great performance and an easy user interface can be experienced.

A wide number of tools are added to improve the editing experience.

Thanks to advanced features, now you can control the frame rate, change aspect ratios, use rulers, and guides for advanced editing.

There were/are always moments when we have recorded a video. However, during the recording, our hand has shaken which has made the video look bad. For such situations, Auto Reframe will help you to stabilize and focus on the part that you need to.

Adobe Premiere 2020 supports up to 8K videos. It is also one of the few video editors that can support Max NVIDIA graphics.

Essential graphics panel to, Adobe Stock, Libraries panel, create templates.

Unlike previous versions of Adobe Premiere Pro, a wide number of formats are supported in this version. Video formats such as AVC-Ultra, P2, AVCHD, XDCAM or RED XDCAM, ARRIRAW, Canon XF native, and almost all other video formats by different cameras are supported.

Any Camera type, format, any platforms are supported by the video editor.

In Premiere Pro 2020, users can have multiple projects in the panel. Users can toggle between projects and work on one while leaving others for rendering.

If you are working on a corporate or agency, then working on a project while taking feedback from customers can be hard. To avoid such situations, Adobe has released a new Project locking feature.

Enable the feature to send the project, users will be able to only watch it. Take the feedback and re-edit the video again.

You might be thinking well that a lot of work. Well, that’s not true. Listen to this, you can use the change history to the point that you want to use.

Project Locking is not the only feature that will help you handle the projects with clients. Numbers of other changes are made to the Project Manager too.

There is a Freeform view that helps you to organize the footage in new ways. In Project Panel you can change the files view in thumbnails, files, and Freeform. You can also have a quick review of the file by just moving your cursor on the file.

Features like Stabilizer Effect, Blur effects, Three-way color corrector, transitions, and many more are part of Adobe Premiere Pro 2020.

This version of Premiere Pro has impressive audio editing features. Users can edit 360 audios with ease.

Adobe has also brought the audio mixer, so you could edit your audio without leaving the application.  

Adobe has provided the option to add text, images, or video clips in 360 video formats with ease.

Major improvements are made for VR. Users can edit any VR video with ease. They can add effects such as; VR blur, VR glow, VR Sharpen, VR De-noise, VR Chromatic Aberration to create colored frames on the video.

To have clear image for users, we can also align blur in videos.

Amazingly the performance is improved in drastic measures. The new 10-bit hardware decoding for Windows OS, H.264, and HEVC on macOS is added. Not only this improves the performance but also increases the stability.

We know about the RED format support. What we don’t is the new RED Metal acceleration that helps to play RED footage even better.

There are After Effect motion graphics templates that provide almost all the features of After Effects in your Premiere Pro 2020.

Features like Ripple and Rolling are valid. These features can help you to trim between two gaps which makes your editing into a fine craft.

ProRes RAW codec by Apple is also supported by the video editor. You can easily edit and refine the video to another level. This is the first time that Adobe is supporting ProRes Raw codec (version 14.5) on Premiere.

A New Lumetri Color panel is introduced. Lumetri color panel offers colors and tone sliders, curves, color wheel, vignette controls, and preset LUTs (Look Up Tables).

Other smaller features like; autosaves, tutorials (a separate sect), auto backup, track of files with the option to move back by order are also valid.

There is a sync option that helps you to sync your project with your accounts. Always keep the updates made on the project, share the files with other colleagues, and always have a backup of your files.

Is Adobe Premier Pro 2020 the best version of Adobe Premier series?

premiere pro 2020
premiere pro 2020

Adobe has released a number of products that have changed the world completely. Products such as; Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Adobe After Effects the most popular ones.

In Adobe Premiere Pro series, more then 20+ version is released. Each version was released with improvements in performance, stability, user-friendliness, and an advanced engine to edit. However, we can’t say exactly which one is the best version.

Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 might be the best option for many. As it is the latest version and has all the tools and features that Adobe is offering at the moment.

We should also keep in mind, Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015 was one of the best editors of its time. Adobe Premiere 1.0 was the first-ever version for Windows OS.

Each of the versions provided a value and still does. So, we can’t say which version of Adobe Premiere is the best one. Still, if you want to see all the details about each version, then here is a brief history of Adobe Premiere.

Free Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 Download For Windows 10

adobe premiere pro 2020 download for windows 10

File: Adobe_Premiere_Pro_2020_multilangual_x64.ISO

Size: 800-1500 MB

Program class: Video editor

Language: English

Released date: November 4, 2019

Setup type: Offline Installer/ Full Standalone setup

License: Trail

Developer: Adobe

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