ESD is a great open-source tool used on Windows 10, Windows 8,1, and Windows 8.1 for ESD conversion. The tool is used to customize the appearance and behavior of the Windows OS. However; it is also used to convert and modify ESD files to ISO file format. And there is a difference between modifying and conversion.

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Download ESD Decrypter for Windows 10

esd decrypter
esd decrypter

The ESD Decrypter has GUI (graphical user interface) to provide easy navigation and usage. In earlier versions of the tool, there was only CLI (command-line interface) but things changed with the new update. Get to know more about ESD on Github.

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How to install and use ESD on Windows?

esd Toolkit
esd Toolkit

There are no specific instructions for the installation as it is straightforward and easy. You start the installation by downloading and extracting the zip file. For this purpose, you can use third-party tools like WinRAR or any other tool.

Once the extraction got completed then you will run the “.exe” file. Perform the installation and when the installation got completed then you will open the app. There you will select the ESD file and convert it to an ISO file.

Features of ESD Tool

Since the application is open-source, you can get to know even about the codes too on Github. Still here are some feature points of ESD.

  1. The tool has easy user interface.
  2. Has the option to use GUI or CLI.
  3. Is safe from threats that can hurt your system.
  4. Is totally free to cost.
  5. Can easily convert ESD file format to ISO file format.
  6. The entire procedure takes few clicks.

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