Click on the links given below to Download Grammarly for Microsoft Office and Microsoft Windows. The files are provided by officials, so there is no security threat. Remember that the setup can also be used on different browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Microsoft Edge.

File: Grammarly.exe

Size: 45MB & 12MB

Developer: Grammarly Team

Language: English

License: Freeware

As a blogger, I have made tons of mistakes while I was publishing my blogs in the past. Some of the reasons behind my mistakes were not being familiar with grammar, word, or sometimes Microsoft Word was unable to detect the mistake or I was in a rush. In situations like those, Grammarly can/has helped me a lot to use correct words, find grammatical mistakes in blogs and even suggested a better sentence, if it was not clear.

In the same manner, this application will help you (and that’s for sure) to stay ahead of your writing and also ensures you to have fewer mistakes on your documents.

Grammarly finds those incorrect words and removes typos form your document so that you can express yourself freely.
In the past few years, Grammarly is getting more and more attention. There are millions of users who are using this amazing application on their computers or as extensions on different browsers like Safari, Chrome or Firefox.

The software is developed by a Ukrainian tech company. Grammarly uses A.I (artificial intelligence) and natural language processing to help users while they write anything.

By agreeing with its terms and conditions, the product offers features like grammar checking, spelling correction, and plagiarism detection services.

How do Grammarly works?

Grammarly follows cutting edge algorithm which is developed by some of the leading computational linguists. With A.I, it continuously learns and scan your sentences to provide a stronger synonym, finds typos and provides a clear sentence.

It is a software which works as an assistant, to catch stray words and thoughts. Any kind of mistake will be underlined with red color. By clicking on the word, you will be suggested the correct form or you might also recommend you an entirely different sentence.

Have you ever catch yourself in conditions, when where you have tons of thoughts, ideas. HowerverHowever, you are unable to express it. Well, Grammarly helps on moments like those.


By logging in your account, you can add customized names or words in your Grammarly’s personal dictionary. The words can be removed from your personalized dictionary, by visiting their official site.

There is a readability feature that helps you in your readability. Using overcomplicated words can make readers lost from the context. This amazing tool will suggest you use easy and clear words for better readability.

There is a tone detector which helps to make sure your text is nor too harsh or too friendly. The goal is to convey the exact message you want to share. By analyzing your punctuations, phrases, capitalizations and words the application finds the tone is nice, harsh, happy, offended or sad.

Through machine learning and deep learning algorithms, it continuously improves. As a personal experience, I can say this for sure as compared to last year major improvements are made to the app.

You can also use the personal dictionary feature where you can store different names, words in your dictionary.

The application highlights your mistakes by using a red-colored underline. You are required to click on the underlined words, where the application will suggest you the correct form, word or synonyms.

It can also detect plagiarism, where you can check your contents originality level. Let’s all face it, finding your works is a copy of someone else is an embarrassing moment. Grammarly helps you to avoid all those embarrassing moments with its plagiarism feature.

Grammarly finds and fixes even small expressions who are often overlooked by the other tools. As the application is developed by leading linguists. So, every detail is scanned and problems like comma splice, comma usage, misspelled words or repetitive words are highlighted to replace them.

Question: Is Grammarly worth to use?

Certainly, Grammarly is worth use it. As the software is light weighted, fast, clear and completely free. You can also subscribe to the premium version of $11.66 for personal uses and $139.95 for enterprises. Another advantage is the tools\ helps you to improve your writing style and make your words more engaging.

Question: Why should I use Grammarly?

It doesn’t matter either you are a blogger, copywriter, author or person who has a writing passion. With Grammarly, you can write fast without thinking too much about the grammatical errors. It is also free of cost, reports typos as quickly as possible. The application also possesses Plagiarism Checker to keep you away from any kind of trouble.

Question: Grammarly is made for whom?

The software is suggested for the users who are copywriters, bloggers, authors or even someone who is always typing something either on their phone or computer. You can also use it while writing something on Gmail, Twitter, LinkedIn or another writing platform.

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