Have you ever wondered how the interface of your webpage, mobile, or desktop applications are made? While creating the UI/UX, soon you will get familiar with named “Adobe XD”. Here you will get all the information to know the app and direct links to download the application for free.

Adobe XD 2021

Adobe XD is one of the distributions by Adobe used to design UX/UI of websites, mobile applications, and more. Now, won’t need to spend hours just creating a single icon for your webpage. As Adobe XD has intuitive tools that can eliminate all those speed bumps and improve your work efficiency to another level.

All the tools required for a UI/UX designer are available in Adobe XD 2021. Basic things such as; icons to layouts are present as preset.

The app has a friendly interface, has a guide to guide new users, and is integrated with CC (Creative Cloud) services. This means that you can upload your project and use all those amazing features.

One of the great thing about the Adobe XD is, how its procedure reduces all those problems one by one that is gone be experienced in the future.

The project starts and continues to progress step by step. Quality assurance then checking your project as a prototype are steps of Adobe XD.

Once your project is created, the framework or prototype will be exported to Visual Studio or any IDE that you use. You can check your project completely, involve your client and review their views. Make changes if needed and you are ready to go.

Not only Adobe XD support Adobe Photoshop files but Sketch files are supported too.

XD 2021 is touch screen optimized. Enabling the touch feature will make it easier to interact with tools on your screen, create artworks on canvas, or navigate through layers. Other things as interacting with components of your projects, writing prototypes, or changing the shape properties can also get easy.

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Adobe XD 2021 Free Download

adobe xd 2021 free download full version
adobe xd 2021 free download full version

Adobe XD CC Or Adobe XD is a free user interface design and user experience design software developed and published by Adobe. Adobe XD CC supports vector design and Wireframe design, and you can build an interactive prototype with just one click.

Here you can download Adobe XD the latest version (2021) full version for free. Adobe XD CC 2021 is provided in a standalone offline installer setup file that is pre-activated which means you will need to just download and install it.

There is no need for activation. Password: soft98.ir

System Requirement for Adobe XD 2021

To run Adobe XD 2021 on your system, you should have the following specs;

For OS, you can use Windows 10 however, your Windows 10 should be Windows 1709 (build 10.0.16299) or better. There is a need for 4 GB RAM memory (or more) with 2 GB free storage. The application can cover more space once the installation got completed.

Your processor should be Intel Core i2 with 2GHz or better and should support 1290×800 screen resolution.

In the graphics section, DirectX 10 or DirectX Ultimate with minimum Direct 3D DDI is needed. Any Intel GPU after 2014 is a good option. If you are having any third-party GPU cards as AMD or NVIDIA that will be like icing on sugar.

Other extra accessories for improved performance as, pen and touch can be handy.

Features of Adobe XD 2021

adobe xd 2021 free download
adobe xd 2021 free download

While using Adobe XD 2021, you will experience the following features;

A fast and versatile artboard, auto-animated options, easy duplicate grid, and responsively resize will not only save you all hours of work but will also improve the quality of your work.

As we mentioned before, Adobe XD 2021 has a friendly interface, and thanks to continuous improvements made to the interface, you will only experience smoothness while using it.

Rearrange your layers with ease.

All the projects created in Adobe XD will be proceeded in one phase after another. From creating the layout to creating the prototype, all the phases will be performed so, the chances of bugs or errors will be decreased.

Users can preview their projects without actually exporting them with the Preview feature.

The application is powerful enough to create UI/UX for almost all platforms including Windows, iOS, and Android.

Numbers of different icons, shades, and layouts are provided for free.

Adobe XD CC 2021 has great integration with third-party applications as; Dribble, UI Faces, Trello, and Google Sheets.

Content-Aware Layout will help you to adjust objects with ease.

For making your project perfect, Preserve Scroll Position will enable you to place your object in way organized way.

It can edit both bitmap photos and vector files too. Not only bitmap or vector but text elements are supported by the app too.

Adobe Fonts will help you to import or export the desired fonts.

To have further accessibility to tools, Adobe XD is fully touch-optimized. It will enable you to interact with tools, create artworks, navigate through layers, and many more.

Not only touch but Adobe XD is also support voice commands.

Instead of using a third party to record the progress on projects, you can use the feature in the app.

For providing you even further reliability, you can share your projects between or after completing them with your friends or clients. They can comment on their thought and you can receive them to later make the adjustments.

If you have a file in Adobe XD and want to add effect then, exporting them on Adobe After Effect will be a great option.

The app is accessible on both macOS and Windows OS.

XD CC 2021 has full support for plugins APIs.

Platform Guide provides tutorials and information about the Adobe XD for the users who are new or unfamiliar with Adobe XD.

Supports a wide range of languages as; English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

Adobe XD 2021 Free Download Full Version

Adobe XD 2021 Free Download Full Version

File: Adobe_XD_CC_2021_multilangual_x64.zip

Size: 700 MB

Program class: UI/UX design tool

Language: English

Released date: January 2021

Setup type: Offline Installer/ Full Standalone setup

License: Trail

Developer: Adobe

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