Top Virtualization Software for Beginners

If you have ever wished to use any operating system but was unable due to some reason. Well, we have some good news for you.

Now you can use any operating system you want without costing even a penny. You heard it right. You can use any OS you want by downloading any of the Virtualization software below.

Your current computer is enough to host any operating system you want without losing your data or changing your current OS. The virtual machine will help to complete all your fantasies and try out all the operating systems out there.

top virtualization software
best virtualization software

This virtualization software will help you to emulate your desired operating system on your computer. And the beauty is that you can open multiple OS and can easily change form one operating system to another without losing any files. All those installations and waiting are gone.

There is no need to buy new computers or external parts, just a few clicks and you’re ready to go. we also have done a complete comparison between different virtual machines.

What is virtualization?

Virtualization is the emulation of one computer inside another one. Or in simple words running one computer inside another one is called virtualization.

Concept of Virtual machine?

The concept for creating any virtual machine was to test apps on different platforms. Developers needs to check their app on different platforms. With the virtualization app, they can test their applications on different platforms inside a single computer.

Why download Virtualization software?

It is quite risky to download and install all those unknown apps, that you want to know about. Installing those apps on your functioning system will raise the risk of malware, spam, and viruses.

Installing and uninstalling different apps will make your computer slow. By using any of the following virtualization software you can test any application. With these virtualizing software, you won’t need to think about your PC’s performance and privacy.

Here is our list of best Virtualization software:

  1. Parallels desktop
  2. VMware
  3. Virtual Box
  4. Hyper-V
  5. QEMU

The software is not arranged according to any order. We have just made a list of best Virtualization software in the market. To know which is the best please read the bottom line.

Parallel’s desktop 14

parallels desktop

The parallel is greatly compatible with Mac OS. You can use it on Mac Sierra, High Sierra, and Mojave without any problem. However, not just with mac but it also performs greatly with Windows too.

This application allows you to use a wide range of OS are supported in Parallel. Most of the operating systems in Windows, Linux or macOS are easily emulated. Parallel emulates brilliantly Linux and Solaris with impressive speed.

Unlike other OS, Parallel is quite handy in integrating host and guest OS. Parallel will help you to pick and drop the files between the two operating systems without any disturbance.

You can use the ability to monitor and adjust memory usage to increase your OS speed. Parallel 14 uses lots of resources when it comes to usage. But still, with all those usages, its speed is unbelievable.

VMware workstation, fusion, and player


All the VMware products like fusion, player, and workstation are some different versions from a single industry. Each of the products is made for a certain platform like workstation is used only in Windows OS, fusion is used for mac.

  • VMware Workstation
  • VMware Fusion
  • VMware player

Using these VM you can run multiple applications on a single host OS. VMware workstation is quite good with graphics. With support to DirectX10 and OpenGL 3.3, it has an amazingly user-friendly interface.

VMware supports up to 4k videos in guest OS. It also possesses a stable connection for the internet. VMware can share files between the host and guest OS.

VMware has the ability to clone machine and due to its versatility and speed, it is known as one of the best virtual machines.

You can use VMware for free on Linux and Windows platform. However, for enterprise purposes or using on mac, you will need to buy the product.

Virtual Box

Virtual Box

The Oracles Virtual Box is one of the best VM software. You can use it without any product key being used as it is completely free to use.

The Oracle VM was developed by Innotek and later was bought by Sun Microsystem. The software was later sold to Oracle, the current owner.

It needs low requirements to run and also offers 3D virtualization for the users. Virtual Box has the ability to perform the multi-screen resolution which is a big problem for most of the other VM. Most of the other VM cannot perform the multi-screen resolution, which means that the guest OS resolution will be changed without relating to hosting OS. The plain- text in XML makes, even more, easier for most of the users.

Virtual Box also supports old OS like DOS, Windows 1, 3.1.  Virtual Box is available for all famous operating systems like Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

Microsoft Hyper-V

Hyper-V software

Hyper-V is a light weighted virtual machine that was released in 2016. The VM is highly secured as compared to other VM and is highly competing with VM fusion.

The Microsoft Hyper-V is highly compatible with windows OS. To use the software, you don’t need to download or buy it. All you need is to configure the software inside your Windows OS.

With very stable and intuitive servers you can get used to it quickly. There are also tons of other online courses for this software for the users to master the application.

There is a disadvantage of Hyper-V, as it sounds by the name. It is developed by Microsoft, so this can only be used in Windows OS.



QEMU is completely free and can easily run varieties of guest OS. QEMU is quite fast as compared to other applications of its size.  This app can work both as an emulator and virtualization software.

QEMU is open-source software, where you can make changes according to your use. However, due to its code line user interface it is a bit complicated for the beginners.

Bottom line

As now you are aware of what Virtualization software is and where it is used. You are also aware of which is suited with which OS, and where you should use them. Now, the big question is which is the best and which one should you use?

We cannot recommend you a single Virtualization software because it depends on your need, resources, and system.

Like if you going light weighted software than we would recommend you QEMU. If you are using windows and want to use a virtual machine Hyper-V is an option.

If you want speed and performance, the Virtual box is there. And if there is an of more secured version then VMware. For all those XOS users Parallel is for you.


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