How to Stop Pop_Up Ads on Chrome, Safari, and Firefox

Are you fade up of all the ads you are looking at your screen? In this article, we will help you how to Stop Pop_Up Ads on your browser. Internet is filled with tons of ads.

Pop-up ads(or any kind of ad) can really destroy your good browsing experience on Chrome. And too many ads will slowly slow down your browser and in the end, it will start to annoy you. The browsers like Google, Safari and many more have noticed this problem and made some pretty cool changes to take the ads under control. After applying the following process you won’t see any pop-up ads anymore.

Lets Stop Pop_Up Ads by just following these easy steps. Now you can Stop Pop_Up Ads using your browsers settings or using ad block extensions. The steps are simple and easy to follow.

What are pop-up ads?

This is a form of an advertisement on www (world wide web) used by the advertisers to get the web users’ attention. It is a type of GUI (Graphical User interface) where a window is opened and it shows the ads form their sponsors, brands and many more. It was originated in the 1990s by They are in different shapes, size and are animated with a fake exit button. There are many types of pop-up ads which are as follows.

  1. Multi Pop-up ads

These kinds of ads happen when you enter in any site. Entering in any site you face multiple numbers of ads popping up

2. Timed Pop-up 

In these kinds, the ads will be launched after a fixed time. Normally it takes about 5 sec and pops up.

3. Mouse Pop-up

Moving your cursor on the ad without a click, the ad will pop out.

4. Channel Opener

This type of ad will open and will cover the entire window. However, this type of ad is not displayed on Firefox.

5. Come and GO

As you can see from the name. The ad will come and will go after a short time.

6. Full-screen trap

This is the worst scenario you can face. In this type, you will face ads which will cover the entire screen and has no exit button. You have to use the short cut key “ALT+F4” to exit the ad.

7. Floating Pop-up

The most annoying type of pop-up ads. In this one, the ad will come and won’t go until some certain task is not done.

8. Modeless Window

It is present on the top/upper section of the browser and won’t go until the browser is shut down.

9. Sticky Pop-up

In this type, you will see an ad on the corner. The ad won’t go away until the browser is closed.

10. Chrome less

Or we should say shame less. This is the type where it has no shape or boundary.

11. Drop Down Pop-up

It will drop down after being shown to the user.

12. Floating banner

The floating banner is a type where you will see an airplane which will fly a banner across the site.

Why should you Stop Pop_Up Ads?

Why to Stop Pop_Up Ads?
Why Stop Pop_Up Ads?

A pop-up ad is an annoying way to show ads to users. It doesn’t matter whether what kind of browser you are using or on what platform you are using. And becomes really annoying when you reading something and it pops up. Ads can also destroy the smooth user interface on sites.

No matter what kind of tune-up tools or antivirus you will use. In the end, it won’t help you to improve your browsing experience.

Using the browser to Stop Pop_Up Ads

To disable ads on chrome, follow the steps as given below. These steps will stop ads for sure. You can also use the same procedure on FireFox, Safari and Microsoft Edge.

Stop Pop_Up Ads on Chrome

Step1: Open your browser

Stop Pop_Up Ads step 2

Step2: Click on three dots on left corner

stop ads chrome step3

Step3: Click on settings

stop ads chrome step4

Step4: Open the advance setting

stop ads chrome 5

Step5: Open the site setting section

stop ads chrome 6

Step6: Open Pop-ups and redirects.

stop ads chrome step 7

Make sure it is in “blocked on-site (recommended)” mode. And your job is done. Now you have successfully Stop Pop_Up Ads on Google Chrome.

Stop Pop_Up Ads on Safari

Step1: Click on Safari Menu, and choose Preferences

Step2: Click on Security tab

Step3: Make sure the Block pop-up windows option is not checked.

Stop Pop_Up Ads on Firefox

Step1: Open your browser

Stop Pop_Up Ads on Fire fox. Step 1 and 2

Step2: Click on menu and Content blocking.

Stop ads on Fire Fox step 3

Step3: Choose the standard mode and scroll down.

Stop ads on Fire Fox step 4

Step4: Find the permission section and tick all the boxes.

Stop Pop_Up Ads on internet explorer 9 or edge

Step1: Open the browser and click on menu

Stop Pop_Up Ads on edge step 1 and 2

Step2: Open settings.

stop ads on edge step3

Step3: Go to Advance Settings.

Stop ads on edge step 4

Step4: Block pop-ups by clicking on the button.

Using extensions to stop ads

Another way to stop ads is by using extensions. The third-party app will help you to stop seeing unwanted ads on your screen. These apps/extensions are free and are easy to install. By a single click, you can stop all the ads you want on your browser.

Best Ad Blocker for chrome

Here in this section, we will tell you on how to block ads on chrome. As we said earlier you can stop any kind of ads by using any of the following.

AdsRemoved- Ad Blocker and Pop-up Blocker

This Adblocker is the most famous and most used extension for chrome. It is highly effective and has easy UI (user interface) to make it easier and suitable to use. It blocks all types of ads like video ads, pop-ups, and banners. Ads Removed is one of the fastest blockers to block the ads on site like youtube, facebook, Google and many more.


Say goodbye to all those ads, after using this ad blocker. AdBlocker has a total of 60million users with a total of 200million downloads. This is one of the most recommended extensions due to its customers always being satisfied by the app.

Adblock Plus

It is very easy to navigate through AdBlock Plus as compared to other ad blockers in the market. It helps you to block ads, stop tracking and also stops viruses.

Best Ad Blocker for Firefox and Safari

There is only one best ad blocker for Firefox and Safari. Many sites recommend different ad blockers however; we would recommend only AdBlock Plus for all FireFox and Safari users. AdBlock Plus is clean and fast to make your web surfing more efficient. This app will help you all to block all those annoying ads, viruses and hidden malware. Using it you will get faster and more enjoyable surfing than ever.

We have not added any other ad blockers cause they cannot perform well as compared to AdBlock Plus. However, if you have used any other app and you are satisfied with it comment it down. We will appreciate it.

Bottom line:

This was all the ways to block pop-up ads. Remember that all these tricks to block ads will not work 100% and nor any other ways are there to block all the ads completely. All of these extensions and browser option will block a huge number of ads on your browser but it cannot block completely all the ads.

There are many sites who are using blockers to block ad blockers. Still, we hope that it will help you to improve your browsing experience and block all those annoying ads which make it harder to browse.

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