How To Reinstall Windows 10,8 And 7

If you have a corrupt file, or your computer is filled with viruses and malware. And there is no possible option for you to work, then this might be the best place for you. Here learn how to reinstall Windows with the full guide. Reinstallation can be done with both CD/DVD and USB drive.

Many problems are caused by malware, viruses and other corrupt files who are downloaded intentionally or unintentionally by you.

Reinstalling Windows can also deduct problems like slow performance, freezing screen, being stuck at certain points and many other problems.

reinstall windows
How to reinstall windows?

You can reinstall windows by two methods.

  1. There is the option of reinstalling Windows without removing data.
  2. The other method is to wipe out the entire data from scratch and reinstall.

Before performing it, you will need to remember a few things. You will need to clean your files with an anti-virus or cleaning app. Or else if you will move it again inside your computer, without any protection your computer can be in its current state.

If you are using an older version, then your computer might get slow. At that point, you will need only to Upgrade your current OS. Upgrading your OS can decrease the risk of your data being lost. If not upgrading, then solutions to improve PC are easily found on the internet. You have to keep reinstalling Windows as the last option.

A few things will be needed to improve your computer’s performance and further threats.

You will need to have an anti-virus and utility app like CCleaner to keep your file from further threats. You will need to scan your files before and after reinstalling Windows. Remember that reinstalling windows is useful to the point where you have no other option.

Options like installing apps like anti-virus are unable in your computer or there is no other option left. Or your Windows files are missing or have issues.

Warning: Reinstalling Windows can cause to lose your files. So, have a backup before beginning the process. Please have a backup of all the necessary files you have. All of your installed apps will also be removed or misplaced.

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Arrangement to be done

The following things should be arranged before reinstalling Windows 10.

To reinstall Windows, you will need to follow these steps. These steps are necessary if you are not willing to give importance to these steps. Then while or after installation, you will face certain problems.

You will need an activation key. Contact Microsoft on their site and ask for your activation key. Activate your windows as you reinstall your Windows.

The most simple one is to have the file. You should have a Windows file to install it on your PC. Install it either from DVD or create a bootable Windows.

As we said before, back up is a must. Losing all those files can make your day hell. And can even give you hours of works. There is an option of having a backup for most of your files.

Start > Settings > Update & security > Backup. You can also store your files on cloud storage like OneDrive. Download OneDrive and upload all your files. And later download your files back.

Now, as all the arrangements are done, we are ready to go.

How to reinstall Windows 10 on your computer?

To reinstall Windows 10 on your computer, you can follow these two methods. There is the first method that doesn’t require any external DVD or USB drive. The second method is to use an external source.

In the first method, you won’t lose any file while in the second method you can clean your computer from scratch.

Reinstalling without external support

In this method, you will reset your PC. The reset option is present in the Settings, you can easily change your Windows into a brand-new version. There is no need for any additional files or hardware. Your current computer is enough.

  1. Start menu

The first step is to click on the Start Menu.

2. Setting

Now, Type Setting and open it.

3. Update and Security

The third step is to open Update and Security.

4. Recovery

Click on Recovery to continue the procedure.

5. Get started

You will face a tab, where Reset this PC is written on the top. Now, Click on Get Started.

6. Keep my files

Soon a pop-up Windows will appear. You will have two options; you have to click on Keep my files and go Next. We would like to recommend you to remove the files if they are not necessary. As it will give you a more secure reinstalled operating system.

7. Ready to rest

Another window will pop-up. The Ready to rest will appear on your screen. You will click on Reset to continue.

Reinstalling with external support

This method demands few things like a USB drive and an ISO file of Windows 10 to install it. Remember that without any of them, the process will be incomplete.

  1. Download ISO file

Firstly, you will need to download the ISO file. You can download the ISO file here.

2. Download WMCT

You will need to download and open windows media creation tool.

3. Agree to terms and conditions

You will need to agree with the terms and conditions provided.

4. Open setup and create installation media for another PC

Now, open the setup and you will face a window. You will have two options, you can either create installation media for another PC or choose the other option. As it seems to choose to Create installation media for another PC is the choice for you.

5. Choose language and architecture

Choose the language and architecture, choose the 32-bit or 64-bit (what your computer is based) and continue. You can also choose the checkbox for the recommended option. The recommended option will choose the best for you.

6. Choose USB flash drive

You have the option to either choose to burn the file or use a USB flash drive.

7. Select USB

You will need to recheck before choosing the USB. Choose and continue to next step.

8. Choose to download the update or not

It doesn’t matter which one you choose. Choosing download Update is better, choose it and continue.

9. License and accept download update

Accept the license and accept the download update.

10. You can keep the files or not

You can keep the file or remove the entire data in your drive. Choose one and continue to next step.

11. Install

The last step is to install the windows and continue the procedure given by.

Reinstall Windows 8

To reinstall Windows 8 or 8.1 on your computer, follow these steps. These will lead you to reinstall Windows 8 and 8.1 on your computer

  1. Start menu

Click on Start Menu.

2. Setting

Now, go to settings.

3. General

Select the General Section.

4. Remove everything and reinstall

As now you have selected the General section, you will need to scroll down and find Remove everything and reinstall section. Find it and click on Get started.

5. Reset your PC

A window will pop-up. There will a written “Reset you PC” on the top. You will need to click on the next.

6. Clean your drive

Two options will be given to you now. You can either choose “Remove files” or “Clean the drive fully”. Choose one of them and continue to the next step.

  • Ready to reset

Now, Ready to reset your PC will be shown. Click on Reset and continue.

  • Installation

In the last step, the installation will appear. Complete the installation and your windows 8 is now successfully reinstalled is ready for the use.

Reinstall Windows 7

By the end of 2020, Windows 7 will officially be no longer supported by Microsoft. Since Microsoft supports it no longer, we would recommend you to use the latest versions of Windows like Windows 8.1 or Windows 10.

Still, if you want to reinstall Windows 7, then we would recommend you to download the ISO file of Windows 7.

And Install it on your computer. But while completing the installation, you will need to format the operating system-based driver while installing it.


You should remember that reinstalling should be the last option. You have minor problems like to solve them with different security apps or online tutorials. Reinstalling Windows can take a lot of your time and there is also risk of losing files.


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