What Is Project Catalyst? And What IS The Purpose?

The first time it was “Project Catalyst” was revealed was in WWDC (Apple Worldwide Developers Conference). Before it was known as “Project Marzipan“, however, they have changed it with having the same ideas and goals in mind.


Project Marzipan was introduced in 2018 WWDC with ISO 12 and macOS Mojave. On that time, it was named as project Marzipan which later on in 2019 was changed for Project Catalyst.

The project Catalyst was a released with the public release of macOS Catalina beta version. The main goal of the project Catalyst is providing an easier platform for the developers to create apps for different devices. There were also made tons of other changes…

In the past, it was quite a work for developers to create any app for Apple products. For example, they were using separate tools for iPad, iPhone and completely different for MacBook. The same things were done with coding language. Each platform required a different language.

The Catalyst is providing an Xcode development kit(APIs) to developers. Using which they can create a universal app. The application will automatically sync each time you change the apps platform.

In simple words, it will help the developers to translate their applications for different platforms like MacBook, iPad, iPhone with ease.

Apple has ported Voice Memos, Stocks, Apple News and Home to macOS as to take the first step. For developers, the project has started. However, still, you have to submit your app for both ISO and macOS. Both will take their time and either accept or reject it.

This makes it worse since Apple wants to expand its store as before Mac had the option to buy apps from different other stores, unlike ISO. Who was only able to buy only from the official App Store.

Due to the reason for changing your app for different platforms and low users for macOS. There were few developers used to share their third-party apps.

Now, Apple is working to create a single submission process where you will create a universal app. Submit it, and using the tools you can change the language of your app with ease for both macOS and ISO.

Apply for Project Catalyst.


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