Microsoft Office XP Service Pack 3 ISO File Free Download

Download Microsoft Office XP Service pack 3 ISO for Windows XP or any other Windows. Click on the direct link given below to download Microsoft Office XP. To download other editions like Professional, Small business or any other editions, please scroll down.

Microsoft Office XP SP3 ISO Download

File: Office_XP_SP3.iso

Size: 450MB

Developer: Microsoft

Language: English

Last update: 11, July 2006.

License: Purchasable

Microsoft has released Microsoft Office XP on March 5, 2001, and it wasn’t publicly available for the users in retail stores till August 4, 2001.

The Office XP was released with the codenamed “Office 10“. Office XP was the successor of Microsoft Office 2000 and is the predecessor of Office 2003.

The software can be used on different platforms like Windows XP, Windows Vista or older Windows

Many new features are included in Office XP which includes smart tags, selection-based search, and other recognizable features. In addition, many security policies are changed, with improved performance and stability.

It was also the end of Clippy. Key features like Clippy and Office Assistance are removed. The Office Assistance feature can be only enabled by the settings.

Microsoft has released both Office XP and Windows XP in the same year. Despite the similarities between the name (XP), both operating system and application has similarities in the interface and in other sections as well. The application is compatible with Windows XP but also integrates with Windows NT. Office XP can be used on operating systems like Windows 98, Windows 2000 and Windows ME. However, it is not compatible with Windows 95 or before, nor it can be run on Windows 7 or any newer version.

A total of three service packs were released by Microsoft for the Office XP series. The first service pack was released on December 11, 2001. The SP2 was released on August 21, 2002, with updates on security and stability.  Service pack 3 was released on March 30, 2004, and it was the last service pack.

The mainstream support of Office XP was about to end on 11 July 2006. Later on, the support was extended till 12, July 2011.

Remember that, the components and tools within Office XP are not titled with “XP”. Instead, it was assigned with the title of “2002”.

  1. Word 2002
  2. Excel 2002
  3. Outlook 2002
  4. PowerPoint 2002
  5. Access 2002
  6. Publisher 2002
  7. Frontpage 2002
  8. Developer 2002
  9. Small business tools 2002
  10. Visio 2002
  11. Project 2002

Editions of Microsoft Office XP

Microsoft Office XP SP3 ISO

Microsoft has released seven different editions for users in Microsoft Office XP. Each edition has its own unique and specific features to provide what is needed. The editions of Office XP are:

  • Standard for student and teachers
  • Standard
  • Professional
  • Small business
  • Professional with publisher
  • Professional with frontpage
  • Developer

Microsoft Office XP Small Business Download

This edition of Office XP is used for small business industries or companies. The edition includes Word 2002, Excel 2002, Outlook 2002, Publisher 2002 and Small Business tool 2002.

Microsoft Office XP Professional FrontPage Download

Download Microsoft Office XP Professional FrontPage by clicking on the link. The Office XP Professional ForntPage is the same as Office XP Professional Publisher. This edition provides all the basic office components like Excel 2002, Access 2002, Word 2002, Outlook 2002, and Powerpoint 2002. Only Publisher 2002 is replaced with FrontPage 2002.


A streamlined interface was introduced. The interface was clearer and all those unnecessary elements are now removed. The menu is simple with 3D icons whereas the necessary elements are brought to the front.

Task panes are panels that appear on the side of the Office application. Task Panes provides quick access to commonly needed functionalities.

Both Excel 2002 and Word 2002 introduced a new feature called a smart tag. The feature appears on the screen which enables users to include specific types of texts like Addresses, Calendar dates, personal names, telephone numbers…

NAP Network Access Protection is available to connect with other computers on the network

Word 2002 has a feature called “Reveal Formatting” which is used to display and change the format of your selected words directly.

Typing and having spelling mistakes are common. But now you won’t need to retype the wrong word, instead retype will replace the incorrect word like “teh” or  “ayn” to the correct form.

Tons of formats are available of the users to use them in their documents

Microsoft Office Document Imaging is a feature which scans the documents. The documents are saved as images. Now, multiple images are saved inside “.TIF” format which enables users to save multiple images at a time.

Adding drawing, pictures, sounds, videos and other media files can be inserted in Office XP by using insert media feature.

Moving images from your scanner or digital camera to your file is another feature of Office XP.

Sometimes your Office might stop working for no reason or computer might shut down. On conditions like that, you won’t lose a single file on which you have worked hours. Recovery lost work feature will help you to recover you last edited file.

Auto Recover is another recovery feature that saves a temporary copy of your work every 10 minutes.

FrontPage 2002 has added a “Photo Gallery” feature. The feature helps the users to open the full-sized images and takes you to the link given by the thumbnail.

Handwriting recognition will use the user’s handwritten notes and upload those notes using different applications. Now, the Office will detect the handwritten text and change them to the correct typed characters.

You can also use the voice command feature which helps you to write anything by just following your voice. However, not many users are fans of this feature, as it is still in work and has not reached its full potential.


Microsoft Office XP SP3

By installing Office XP Service Pack 3 (SP3), you can see the differences clearly. You can easily experience the differences between the Microsoft Office XP SP3 and other older Office applications.


You will need at least a Pentium II processor of 400MHz to run Office XP on your computer. There is also a need for at least 128 MB RAM however it can vary in different computer architectures. 250 MB of free storage with a super VGA cable of 800 x 600 of screen resolution and 256 color support is also needed.


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