macOS Catalina Public Beta Version Complete Guide

macOS Catalina Beta
macOS Catalina Beta version

The macOS Catalina is also known as the macOS 10.15 is the sixteenth major release of Apple Inc. The software is not publically published yet. However, the open-source/beta version is available for the developers in the Apple Store. In short, we have macOS Catalina beta for now.

The OS will be shared completely free of cost. However, it will cost you about 99$ for the beta version. It is rumored that the full version will be released by the officials in the year 2019 in autumn.

In the new macOS Catalina beta version, you can see that Apple Inc. has bought some jaw-dropping changes. These changes are not just handy but also interesting and full of fun as well.

They have changed from big things like user interface, security to small things like icons and tab bars.

There is also changes like SIRI is smarter than before. You can control your entire MacBook and mac computer with your voice.

Apple Inc. has highly focused on its new OS performance. They have done things like deleting all those useless apps and replaced the slow applications with new faster and more efficient applications.

In macOS Catalina beta, they have provided the platform for Ruby, Python 2.7, and Perl by default. The support for different languages is built-in for macOS Catalina beta. However, for the public version, you will need to install it.

Why the new macOS is named Catalina?

The macOS Catalina is the successor of macOS Mojave. Word Catalina is taken from southern California’s coast island Catalina. It was introduced for the first time in a WWDC (Apple Word Wide Developers Conference) in July 2019.

macOS Catalina can be run on

You can run your macOS Catalina beta or full version in the followings. Remember the updates will be provided to you by the officials once they release the OS.

  • iMac: Late 2012 or newer
  • iMac Pro: all models
  • Mac Pro: Late 2013 or newer
  • Mac Mini: Late 2012 or newer
  • MacBook: Early 2015 or newer
  • MacBook Air: Mid 2012 or newer
  • MacBook Pro: Mid 2012 or newer

New features in macOS Catalina beta?

1. iPad support

If you are fade up to small or a single screen, then this feature will help you for sure. You won’t need to buy anything at all for your new screen.

macOS Catalina public Beta

In new macOS Catalina beta, you have the option to connect your iPad to your MacBook and Mac Computer as a second screen.

This can be useful for all those artists who are using illustrator, writing, drawing, and painting. You can easily work on your iPad and see the result on your system screen.

For all those artists who are willing to take their painting and drawing into the next level. Then, this is a golden chance for them. Now you won’t need to buy all those expensive computer drawing tools, your iPad is enough.

It can also be quite handy for those who are marking PDFs. This feature also supports third-party apps like Adobe Photoshop and many more like:

  • Adobe: After Effects, Premiere Pro and Illustrator.
  • Cinema 4D
  • Corel Draw
  • Final Cut Pro and motion
  • Painter
  • Maya
  • Affinity Designer and Affinity photo
  • Sketch
  • ZBrush

The feature is not bought up in the beta version however, in the future it will be added.

2. Sidecar

mac os public beta

You can also use the touch screen of your iPad on your mac screen and can also use your iPad as the second screen without any wire. Yes, you can connect your iPad with your mac through Wi-Fi and use your iPad as the second screen.

3. Find lost phones

Let’s have a moment that you have either lost your iPhone or got stolen. And now the phone is turned off. With the use of Bluetooth Beacon technology, you can find your phone even if it is turned off.

The phone will send its location as a message to any apple product nearby like MacBook, iPad or iPhone. Which later on will be anonymously sent to you.

4. Voice control

macOS Catalina Beta

We should admit it that we are getting lazy and we cannot handle all those typing. Maybe for most of you, it is easy to type instead of using the voice command. However, the techs are changing and they are more focused on voice commands.

As for example in macOS Catalina beta you can see the major change they have bought. Now, your entire machine can be controlled with your voice.

From commanding in your search engine to going inside your computer with Finder and using your files. All of them can be done with your own voice. There is also the option to read the words on your screen.

You can also check or read mails, change settings and add or remove applications by voice command.

5. Game controller support

Now in macOS Catalina beta, they have provided several mainstream gaming controllers like Xbox, one wireless controller, and many other application controllers support.

6. Podcast

Now in new macOS Catalina, you have the option to listen to the podcast as well. There are more than 70,000 different channels like horror, comedy, sci-fi, sports, and romance. You can always get in touch by subscribing to their channels.

7. Music

Easily discover up to 50million songs with the artist and albums. You can create a playlist and share that with your friends. You can also download music online and get access to different libraries with ease.

8. TV

Now, you can stream popular TV channels with your computer. You have the accessibility to streaming up to 4k and also possesses the option to save your favorite programs or channels. More than 1,00,000 iTunes movies are waiting for you.

9. Email

In macOS Catalina beta you can even block the emails. The features will stop any kind of emails from that address in the future. You can also unsubscribe from commercial email lists.

10. Friendly user interface

Apple Inc. has made the macOS Catalina beta version more and more UI friendly than you can imagine. You have now more like a straight forward UI with the screen time option.

You might be familiar with YouTube having the time watched/reminder feature. You will fix a time and the app will give you the reminder to take a break after a certain time. The same feature is added in macOS Catalina beta version.

They have also provided more like a clear cut icon with the option of sticky notes on your screen. To help you more in your work and daily life.

11. iPhone connection

As we said before now it is more clear and straight forward in terms of UI. Connecting your phone to your system and having those disturbing pop-up tab is not available now.

After connecting your phone to your system you will need to go and find your phone in your system. And then you can share files, photos and many more easily.

12. Dark and light mode

In the older version, you were required to change the UI as dark or light mode manually. But now in macOS Catalina beta, that job is done automatically.

13. Apple Books

With macOS Catalina beta you will get the app named as Apple Books. This app will help you to download the PDF or audio version of any book you want. You enjoy the book or share it with your friends.

14. Photos

The mac has bought a new feature in photos. Whereas when you open your gallery you will find that your most favorite/best photos are displayed in the center. This option will not only make it attractive but also brings the memories to significant moments in the past.

15. Improved Apple account

macOS Catalina Beta Profile

With a single account, you can know about your subscriptions, and with whom you are sharing. It also stores names, contact info, password, shipment, payment and many more.

Removed features in macOS?

Here are the features which are removed and is not available in the new macOS Catalina public beta.

1. iTunes

macOS Catalina Beta Good Bye itunes

Well, it is time to say good to our old pal iTunes. The app was getting more and slower. With each time synchronizing your music, the app was creating a bigger hurdle for the OS to process faster.

No music is deleted from your account. Only the categories are changed now. You can find your music through Finder if they are in your computer and play it with the app Music. You can even Sync with iCloud and play all those music files with Music as well.

2. Find My

In macOS Catalina beta, they have merged both find my friends and find my mac into a single find my app. Both of the apps are now merged to make it efficient to use.

3. Dashboard

macOS catalina dashboard

In new mac, the dashboard is completely removed. You might remember all those small widgets on your or friends screen. Well, you can’t have those widgets anymore.

What is new in macOS Catalina public beta?

Major changes are made in macOS Catalina beta version. Some of which are:

  • Made it more secure.
  • More advanced and organized apple account.
  • Screen time will help to have an organized time for work and other daily life routines.
  • Now the developer has applied for project catalyst. Which is a deal-breaker for many developers.
  • You can use an iPad as your second screen.
  • Can control the entire computer with voice.
  • User-Interface is more like a straight forward and has clear navigation.
  • Both the gallery and music files are organized.
  • Now, the chances of losing your phone have decreased even further.

How to install the macOS Catalina beta version?

The full version of macOS Catalina is not available in the market. The full version will be available in the fall of the year 2019. Till then many developers are using the beta version. If you want to install it as well follow the instructions below. Before that keep in that:

  • You have a full backup of your files
  • Your MacBook is fully charged
  • The requirements are reached
  1. Beta software program.

Go to the site and either Sign up or click on create one now. There you can apply for the Apple beta software program. Apply for it.

2. Download the file

Now, download the macOS Catalina beta from the officials.

3. Open the file

As you have downloaded the file now. You will need to open the download file.

4. Disk Setting

Before going any further. Let’s have a moment and configure our hard drive. Now go to SpotLight Search and type “Disk Utility”. Select all the options as given in the picture.

Always choose APFS as format and GUID Partition Map as Scheme. Here we have chosen an external drive, if you are also installing it on an external drive then we would recommend the same options.

5. Start the process

After the configuration of your hard-drive. Let’s follow the next step. Now click on the Continue button.

6. Agree to terms and conditions

Read and Agree with the terms and conditions of macOS Catalina Beta provided by Apple Inc.

7. Select Drive

As you have done all the other configurations. You will need to choose the drive. If you are unable to choose then the drive is not formatted/configured correctly. Choose the drive and use a password and click on install.

8. Restart

Wait for the installation to get completed. When the installation got completed you will need to click on Restart.

9. Security error

For those who have installed their macOS Catalina beta on an external drive. You may face these kinds of problems. Now restart your computer.

10. Open Firmware

Now press Command (⌘)-R after the restart as your mac continues to startup. You will find the setting on the top of the screen and Click Utilities>Firmware Password Utility

11. Allow booting

Allow the booting from external media and restart your Mac. And you have successfully installed macOS Catalina beta on your computer.

12. Check for update

And the last thing you want to do is to watch for updates. With being published as a beta version you might face several problems, so always keep an eye for updates.

Final thoughts

This is a beta version of Catalina. It means that there are a number of bugs in the operating system. so, it is recommended to pause the installation until the final release. You can download macOS Catalina here for free.

Question: Should I upgrade my Mac to macOS Catalina?

Well if your system can support the Catalina then installing it is not a bad idea. The new Catalina supports way more applications, improvements have been made on performance, graphics, and security.

Question: What is the latest version of macOS?

The latest version of macOS is Catalina. It was introduced in a WWDC (Apple Word Wide Developers Conference) in July 2019. OS before Catalina was Mojave and High Sierra.

Question: How much macOS Catalina will cost?

For the beta version, it will cost around 99$ which can be accessed only by apply to project catalyst. However, the full version is completely free of cost.


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