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Download and Install IDM on macOS Big Sur

IDM is one of the best download manager in the market. The app stands by the name and fame it has gotten. In WWDC 2020, Apple has released macOS Big Sur and like any previous versions of macOS, it is a dream for many to use IDM on Mac.

To make that dream come to reality, we haved done some research, and here is how we have downloaded and installed IDM (Internet Download Manager) on our macOS Big Sur.

Internet Download Manager is the world’s leading download manager. The application integrates and supports all the browser and application that provides internet services as third-party apps.

IDM has an amazingly fast downloading speed. Personally, I can say that there is no other app that can compete with downloading speed that is provided by IDM. It almost increases the downloading speed up to 5x which is why it is loved by many.

There is also a resume option. If your provider provides the resume option then you can download heavy files and if you got some important thing to do. Then pause the download, complete your other tasks, and then resume the download from that point again.

It doesn’t matter if you continue after an hour or days or weeks. If the provider supports resume option then you can resume your download from that point any time.

If you are a work-shy person like me then you will love the quick drag and drop option. By dragging the links, you can start the download without putting any extra efforts.

We all love the feature IDM provides on browsers by providing a download button on our screen. Within a single click, the IDM starts to download the media. And it supports HTTP, FTP, and HTTPS protocols which means that there is hardly any way to stop the application from downloading any kind of stuff.

The application has a built-in security feature that detects viruses and Trojans. There is also a built-in scheduler used to set the timer for download, shut down, or disconnecting from internet.

When it comes to interface, it has quite a simple and customizable interface. You can change the buttons, columns, and orders of your app.

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IDM download for mac
IDM download for macOS Big Sur

To use IDM (Internet Download Manager) on macOS Big Sur, you will need to download two setup files.

  • Download CrossOver – There is the CrossOver tool that is used to install the IDM on your Mac. Without the tool, your macOS won’t support or perform the installation of IDM.
  • Download IDM – Here is a direct link to download IDM latest version for your macOS Big Sur. We have provided the setup in MediaFire to make sure it is safe from any kind of threat.

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Install IDM on Mac

Internet Download Manager has a simple installation process on the Windows system. However, it completely changes on macOS. Here is how we have installed IDM on our macOS:

1. Download Tools

First, you will need to download all the necessary tools required. We have already provided directs to download both IDM and CrossOver in the download section. Once you have downloaded the CrossOver application, you will need to install it on your Mac.

Once your application is installed on macOS Big Sur, then it is time to install the IDM now.

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2. Select the IDM file with CrossOver

Install windows software
Install windows software

Now, Run the CrossOver application start the procedure by click on the CrossOver image.

Run the CrossOver application
Run the CrossOver application

Click on Install windows software to proceed to next step.

Select Installation column
Select Installation column

Another window will appear on your screen. There you will need to click on Select Installation column then you will need to choose between the two options. In this step, you can either give the exe file by selecting the choose installer file option.

Or select the entire software folder by clicking on choose installer folder. We have selected the second option and it opened another window for us. There we selected the folder where the IDM files were present.

3. Install the IDM on your macOS

Install the IDM on your mac
Install the IDM on your mac

In this step, click on Use this installer. The application will start the installation.

Install the IDM on your macOS
Install the IDM on your macOS

Once the installation gets completed, IDM is ready to be used. Open the CrossOver program and use the application.

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Is there any software alternative to IDM for mac?

Unfortunately, IDM is not supported by Apple and requires different third-party tools to install it on Mac. IDM is the most popular and fastest download manager for Windows PCs. It has amazingly fast downloading speed, great file management, and single-click download support.

So, the IDM is great and all. However, is there any application that can work as an alternative to IDM on mac? Well, yeah there is this amazing application called Folx. Flox was developed as a replacement for IDM.

It is a beautiful GUI and offers essentials as multithreading, speed control, resuming of downloads, scheduling, and organizing functions. It has advanced features as Music (former iTunes) and great browser integration.

Why is Flox an alternative to IDM?

Advanced multithreading

Flox has the ability to download any file by breaking into multiple files. This way not only it can download them faster but the chances of failing also decrease. It has the ability of advanced multithreading of up to 20.

Download scheduling

Using the schedule features, users can make their download according to their timetable. They can put time on when to download the setup file and what to do after the download is done.

YouTube download

We all love the download button by IDM that appears on our screen while watching anything on YouTube. Same with Flox, it integrates greatly with most of the browsers. Using the tool, you can download any media from any source, including YouTube for free.

Easy password management

If it is required to sign in to your account for downloading anything. Then on such conditions, the password management feature will help you a lot. Using the feature, you can sign in which later will enable you to download any file from your logged-in accounts.

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