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For all those who love Windows 7 and don’t want to distant themselves from it. We brought you an alternative to Windows 7 “Zorin OS”. Zorin OS is a Windows 7 look-alike with amazing performance. Download Zorin OS and experience clean and simple UI, brilliant performance and tons of other features like gaming and many more.

Here you can download Zorin OS from direct links. A single click is needed to download the latest and malware-free ISO file. Unlike many other sites available, we are providing you the malware and error-free file.

Download Zorin OS

It is the Zorin OS goal to provide a more secure, safe and effective operating system for users. If you are search for an alternative to move from Microsoft Windows then you are in the right place. Zorin OS is a Linux Distro with Windows 7 look alike. After the end of Windows 7, this can be a great option for many Windows 7 users.

The latest version of Zorin is Zorin 15 which was released in June 2009. Almost 12 versions of Zorin is released till now.

Download Zorin OS ISO file

File: Zorin OS

Size: 2.2GB

Type: ISO

Platform: Both computer and laptop

Language: English

Download Zorin 12.4 Lite

Here you can download Zorin 12.4 lite version. Use the lite version for faster performance.

Download Zorin Education

Things like coding, science teaching, and even classroom management are available in this OS.

Download Zorin Ultimate

Download Zorin Ultimate for amazing performance. Use it to experience macOS and Windows touch layouts and get numbers of free games.


Zorin OS

Zorin OS is a personal computer-based operating system that was created to provide a user-friendly and should be easy to use. Zorin can support NVIDIA graphic card and the drivers’ works really well with this operating system.

Zorin is based on Ubuntu which means that the desktop environment used by Ubuntu and Zorin can be the same. It possesses an eye-candy UI which users love most of the time. Zorin supports the Ubuntu desktop environment and Linux Kernels Hardware Enablement.

Utilities like SMS archiver, photo viewer, calculator, text editor and many more are present. 

Things like are easy as they can support Steam. And most of the games in Steam are avail for Zorin. It is highly appreciated for its stability and security. As it was the main goal of its developers.

With all those good qualities, there is a sting with Zorin OS. Zorin is not pretty good with old hardware, even sometimes it doesn’t even support old hardware. Only Zorin Lite and Zorin Education can support old hardware or systems.

Four types of Zorin OS are released by the officials which are:

  • Zorin OS Core
  • Zorin OS Lite
  • Zorin OS Education
  • Zorin OS Ultimate

All the versions are free to use or download. Except, Zorin Ultimate which will cost you about 39$ or more.


Here are the features of Zorin OS. These are some of my favorite features present in Zorin OS.

Link android phone to your computer

You can sync your phone to your computer and get notification, photos, SMS, share web links and many more. Install Zorin OS on your computer and connect it with your phone and use your phone as remote control of your computer. With Zorin OS you can share a number of enormous sized files easily.

Touch Interface

Now, you can use the touch feature in Zorin OS. The world is moving from keys to touch, so does Zorin OS.

Libre Office

There is a preinstalled Libre Office app in Zorin. Libre Office is a free version of Microsoft Office with a different name but same work.

Font Inter

There is a special font present in Zorin OS. Font named “inter” is a special font present only in Zorin.


It offers the same as the sandbox which is present in Windows. Flatpak is a utility that will help you to deploy or in package management for Linux Distributions.

Bootsplash screen

Is a graphical representation of the booting process of the operating system. Zorin also has the same feature.


GNOME and XFCE both are desktop environments for Unix users. Currently Zorin is using a GNOME desktop environment; however, in future and lite versions it is expected to use XFCE.

Software and Update

There are a software and update app present in Zorin. It helps the users to keep the apps and the entire OS up to date. The app will help you to update automatically to the latest version available.

Gaming supports

NVIDIA drivers and Steam both are supported by Zorin. Zorin team also supports and cherishes all those users who are playing or trying to play games on Zorin.


Any kind of applications are either deleted or installed are done in Zorin by Wine. Wine is an app used inside Zorin and many other Linux distro used to manage applications.


GIMP is an amazing app that is preinstalled in Zorin. This is an open-source app used to perform things like image editing, retouching, image formatting and many more.

Zorin Search

Zorin uses Google Search, however still they are using an amazing way to do it. Learn the amazing way the uses to search by clicking on the link below.


To Install Zorin OS on your computer you will need to follow these simple steps. However, before beginning the installation process. You will need to complete the following requirements.

  • Zorin OS ISO file is needed
  • An external hard drive with 8 GB storage
  • A back-up storage
  • System requirement
  • Download app to create a bootable drive


You will need a minimum of 1GHz of processor, 512 MB of RAM, 5GB of hard disk with graphic card capable of 640 x 480 resolution and a DVD or USB port to run the lite version of Zorin OS.

However, if you want to run the full version you will need to have a CPU support of 1GHz Dual-Core, 2GB RAM with 800 x 600 resolution and 10 GB of free hard disk for Core and Education version. And a total of 20 GB is needed for Ultimate version.

Download Zorin

The first thing you will need to do is to download the file. A question will be asked, to select either a 32-bit or 64-bit version. You will need to choose it according to your system.  Often users are using 64-bit based operating system.

You can find yours by Desktop>My PC /This PC>Computer>System properties.

Format USB drive

A format is required to install Zorin inside. To format you will need to insert USB and open Windows Explorer. Then, right-click on the USB drive and select Format. Now, choose to format it in FAT32 and you are done.

Download Rufus

Now, download any application to create a bootable drive. Create a bootable drive and restart your PC.

Best apps to create a bootable USB

Open boot menu

You will need to open the boot menu. By pressing ESC or F12 on the startup of your system, you will access to the boot menu. Now, change the priorities to USB.

Install Now, open the setup either while booting at the start or by opening the bootable USB drive. Open it and follow the installation guide.

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