Download Linux Manjaro ISO File- Latest Version

Anyone who has used Linux or is familiar with it, then they might have heard names like Debian, Ubuntu, Arch, and mint. We have brought an Arch-based operating system who is quite amazing in terms of performance and productivity.

Download Linux Manjaro as it has an easy installation with a wide range of software packages and is quite amusing than most of the other Linux Distro. 

Download Linux Manjaro

Linux Manjaro is a professionally designed and is Linux based operating system. Manjaro is available for 64-bit architectures and you can download it here. You can download Linux Manjaro and use the ISO file as your OS or for virtualization purposes.

Download Linux Manjaro ISO file

File: Linux Manjaro

Type: operating system

Developer: Manjaro GmbH & Co. KG

OS family: Linux

platform: computer and laptop

Size: 2.5 GB

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Manjaro is an open-source operating system created to provide an easy and stable platform. It is based on Arch Linux with fast performance and user-friendly UI. Linux Manjaro has followed the foundation of Arch from the beginning. The first Manjaro was released on July 10, 2011.

Linux Manjero was developed in Austria, Germany, and France and the key focus was to provide a user-friendly UI.

The Manjaro teams took the time to make sure all the software are compatible with this OS. The OS can be used on both computers and laptops. As it is based on Linux Arch, as result it uses the Arch Package manager aka Pacman.

It uses the CLI and graphical installer which means there is no need for reinstallation or to upgrade for having an up to date OS. This OS also has a simple CLI (command line interface) which will help you to have a customized operating system.

The Manjaro also has great hardware support which means with each installation of hardware it will scan automatically and install the required drivers.

This OS provides Xfce as the core desktop option for the users. However, they have left Xfce, KDE, and Gnome as core desktop option for users. In the latest version, they have also added KDE Plasma, which is a flexible desktop environment developed by the Linux Manjaro team.

Linux Manjaro also has a very simple and intuitive installation process.


Here are some key features of Linux Manjaro.

Dark Plasma Theme

Manjaro has its own preinstalled dark theme which is quite eye-catching.

Simple UI

This OS has a very simple and user-friendly interface.

Software support

Linux Manjaro can support a wide number of software. Numbers of cutting-edge software are supported by this OS.

Intuitive installation process

Linux Manjaro has a very simple and easy installation process.

Extensive desktop configuration

It has a number of options for desktop environments. You have the option to use Xfce, KDE, GNOME or KDE Plasma as desktop.


Every time you want to install any software in any Ubuntu-based Linux distro, you will to you will need to link a new PPA (Personal Package Archive) via the terminal. After the link, you will need to run Sudo apt-get update then the program was available to use.

But in Linux Manjaro, there is no need because Linux Manjaro is completely based on Linux Arch. So, there is no need for PPA.

Linux Manjaro XFCE 18.12

Download Linux Manjaro XFCE 18.12 ISO to enjoy a lightweight desktop environment.  It is developed for users with low system resources however still, it is a user-friendly OS.

Linux Manjaro KDE Plasma 18.2

Download Linux Manjaro KDE Plasma 18.2 to have a modern and flexible desktop. All those users who are interested in the customizable and versatile desktop environment then this is the best choice for them.

Linux Manjaro GNOME 18.2

The Linux Manjaro GNOME 18.2 has a traditional breaking UI, that its highest priority is to focus on a task.

Linux Manjaro Architect 18.2

download linux manjaro

It comes with TUI installer and is famous due to its net installer. The net installer helps to keep the system up to date.


To install Linux Majaro on your system you will need to follow these simple steps. However, before beginning the installation process you will need to cover a few things.


You will need 1 GHz processor of processor or better. With 1 GB RAM and 30 GB of a free hard disk to run Linux Manjaro on your system.

Download the file

Now, you should download the Linux Manjaro ISO file. If still, you haven’t downloaded the file, we would recommend you to go and download it.

Download Bootable creation software

The next step is to download the bootable creation software. Any software like Rufus will work, here is a complete guide on best bootable creation software.

Burn the ISO file

As you have downloaded both Linux Manjaro ISO file and bootable creation software. Install the bootable creation software and burn the ISO file into your USB flash drive.


After burning the ISO file, you will need to plug-in the USB flash (pen drive) to the computer you want to install Linux Manjaro in.

Change Bios

Change your computers BIOS and select the USB drive as the first priority.

Select Linux Manjaro from USB

The last step is to install Linux Manjaro from your USB drive.

Install Linux Manjaro

  • Select time zone, language etc.
  • Click on the boot: Manjaro_x86_64 KDE
  • Select non-free, if you have a discrete graphics card (graphics card attached to motherboard)
  • Press on the Launch Installer button
  • Select the time zone, language, location, keyboard, etc.
  • Do the partition (Warning while doing the partition you might lose your files)
  • Create a user ID
  • Wait for the installation to get completed
  • Un-plug USB drive
  • Reboot your computer


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