Download Linux Lite ISO File Latest Version

For those who are new with Linux and want to try a light operating system, then we would recommend you to download Linux Lite.

Linux Lite is effective, light, stable and beautifully crafted on Ubuntu-based OS. It was created to make the transition from Windows to Linux in the smoothest way possible.

Download Linux Lite

Download Linux Lite ISO file

File: Linux lite 4.6 64-bit ISO file

Size: 1.4 GB

MD%SUM: bc11d10eef58137a9d7da29a100177f6

Last Update: 13, June 2017

Language: English

Creator: Jerry Bezencon



download linux lite iso
download Linux lite iso

Linux Lite was released in 2013 and a total of four versions are released. Many major updates are given; the latest version in the current market is Linux Lite 4.6.

Linux Lite is an Ubuntu-based operating system and is highly suitable for those who are new with Linux. It was created by Jerry Bezencon and was aimed to provide a light OS for the users. The operating system is provided with a customized Xfce desktop environment.

Linux Lite is based on the Ubuntu LTS, where LTS stands for Long Term Support. Which means that there should be a new release in the period of 5 years.

Linux lite is so light that it can even breathe life into old computers. Not only the old but also the new computers are going to give you better performance.

The Linux Lite has a lightweight environment with suitable features for users. Two tutorials are given by the officials for better understanding and using it. Numbers of other tutorials are also given like tutorials for volume toggles and more.

Many popular programs like skype, Steam, and Spotify are easily accessible by this OS. This can be a great deal for those who have moved from a different OS and are new to Linux.

These are apps that are included in Linux Lite: LibreOffice, FireFox Web Browser, Gimp Image Editor, lite Themes, VLC media player, Thunderbird Email, Lite users’ manager, Google Chromium, Lite software, Lite sound, Lite Tweaks and tons of other applications.

Here is a review on Linux Lite 4.4


Here are some basic features of Linux Lite.

Linux lite dark and light feature

New UI: Linux Lite has brought a new UI in Linux Lite. There is also the option of using a dark or light interface.

Help manual: There is a user manual to provide a better guide.

Online and offline search engine: Linux Lite provides you better online search engine and even while you are offline. This means that while you are being offline it will provide you to get the best results from data present inside your systems data.

Lite desktop: Linux Lite uses “Lite Desktop” which your more like a better and easier desktop environment.

Xfce terminal: In the older version of Linux Lite LXTerminal was used as the desktop environment but now based on users’ feedback, they have changed it to Xfce.

Lite Sound: With Lite sound, it will be easier to configure your sound.

Language support: Language support has been improved in Linux lite. Now, language is not a barrier to get to know this Linux distro.

Shotwell: Now, Shotwell is the default image viewer in Linux Lite.


You will need to complete few things before installing Linux Lite in your system.

  • Download ISO file
  • Download app to create a bootable drive
  • Match the requirements
  • You will also need to change your BIOS

Download ISO file

You have already downloaded the ISO. If you haven’t downloaded it then we would recommend you to download by clicking the on the link above.


Minimum: You need 1 GHz of processor,768 MB of RAM,8 GB of hard disk, a VGA screen of 1024 x 768 resolution with the DVD drive or USB port as a minimum requirement. These specs will only make your system to run and complete your tasks.

Maximum: There is a need of 1.5 GHz of processor, 1GB of RAM with 20 GB of a free hard disk. There is also a need for VGA/HDMI cable with screen support of 1366 x 768 resolution. And in the last, a DVD drive or USB port is needed to run the ISO image.

Create a bootable drive

To create a bootable drive you will need an app to do that. Click on the link below and download Etcher. This is the most recommended app for you.

Change BIOS

Here is a short video on Changing your BIOS. There is a need to change from UEFI to Legacy.


Now, is the time for the installation. You can either click here to get the complete installation guide or you can just watch the video below.


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