What Are The Differences Between Chrome OS And Chromium OS?

If you have ever wondered out of curiosity? That out of Chrome OS and Chromium OS which one is better or what are the differences? Then here we will discuss the differences between Chrome OS and Chromium OS.

Stick with us till the end to know the differences between Chromium OS and Chrome OS.

chrome vs chromium OS

Chrome operating system

Chrome OS is an open-source app who is preinstalled on different computers. Chrome OS is a hybrid-product and its purest form can be found only on Chromebook. The Chromebooks are manufactured by Google and installed by OEM.

Unlike Chrome OS, Chromium OS is a free-ware software for users. The Chrome OS is released by Google and unlike other operating systems like Windows and macOS, it is based on Linux Kernel.

Chromium operating system

The Chromium is more like a traditional OS (Linux Kali, Linux mint, Manjiro and many more) and provides what the users want. The maintenance of Chromium OS is done by the volunteers who are willingly joining the Chromium project to make improvements in the OS.

Both Chrome and chromium are a completely different idea where Google has highly focused on browsing and performance.

While both Chrome and Chromium are pretty good in:

  • Low requirements to run on any system
  • Is extremely secure from malware, virus and other security threats
  • Super-fast startup
  • Quick installation process

Still, there are some drawbacks of Chrome OS and Chromium OS:

  • Limited app support
  • Has a firm UI with low customizing option
  • No auto-update for Chromium OS

Where can I download Chrome OS?

Chrome Operating System

As we said before Chrome OS is a preinstalled operating system inside Chromebook.  And it is not a conventional operating system that you can download from a certain link or store. To experience the Chrome OS, you are compelled to buy a Chromebook. Or your only option left is to use an alternative OS who should be similar to Chrome OS.

Where can I download Chromium OS?

Chromium operating system

While Chromium OS is a freeware project and can be found on the internet to download and to use. Still, it is not recommended by Google, as the project is not done yet.

 It can be a great way for developers to test their skills. However, for general consumers, it is not a good option at all. Many bugs, errors, and problems will be raised while using. This can be a big problem for all those users who are not so aware of techs. And of course, these problems or errors need to be fixed by a professional.

Many sites are providing the ISO file of Chromium OS while the users are having numbers of problems after the installation is done. So, in the long run, downloading and using Chromium OS can give tons of works with no guarantee to be fixed.

Competing with other operating systems?

Chromium and Chrome vs other operating systems

To run them on any system, it needs very low requirements. Both Chromium and Chrome are extremely fast in performance as it takes only a few seconds to boot and to start. The installations are done within a few minutes.

However, each of the two OS are browser-based operating systems. This means that the main focus of these operating systems is the browser. There is also a very low support for app installations in both operating systems. And unfortunately, due to these drawbacks both Chrome and Chromium can’t compete with the market.

Which one to pick?

Which one to pick?

Chrome OS and Chromium both are alike but they are not the same. Chromium is an open-source but is still incomplete. Whereas Chrome OS can be found on the Chromebooks only. As they are installed only by the OEM.

So, the best option for us is to use any alternative to Chrome OS and Chromium OS. Alternatives like Fyde OS or CloudReady are present on the internet to replace both Chromium and Chrome OS.

CloudReady is a Chrome-based OS, who is the only one who can fight for Google. Whereas, Fyde OS is a version of CloudReady only for China. Fyde is China-based so, our only option is CloudReady.

CloudReady is far superior in both performance and stability as compared to Chrome OS and Chromium OS.

CloudReady vs Chrome OS

CloudReady vs Chrome OS

CloudReady is a traditional OS who is based on Chromium. Like all traditional operating systems, it is built around the hardware and need of the market. And unlike Chrome and Chromium OS, it is a complete operating system.

The CloudReady can be used for purposes like business, school and home-based uses. CloudReady is a complete OS with high numbers of app support. It is quite stable and user-friendly as compared to both Chromium and Chrome OS. It can support both old and new hardware.

You can also do productive things like video and photo editing. Playing games on CloudReady is also an option, unlike Chromium and Chrome OS. Basically, CloudReay can perform all the works both Chrome and Chromium can do.


We have compared both Chrome and Chromium OS in detail. However, unfortunately, we can’t use any of them. So, our only options are to use an operating system alternative to both Chromium and Chrome OS. We got the options of Fyde and CloudReady and learned about them. And in the end, we compared CloudReady with Chrome OS. In the comparison between CloudReady and Chrome OS, CloudReady won the competition.


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