Difference between Ubuntu and Mint-For Rookies

Linux Mint VS Ubuntu: Most of the Linux users were highly devoted to Ubuntu in the past. However, now the case has changed completely and that is for sure. There are many users who prefer Linux Mint instead of Ubuntu.

So, which one is worthy? We will do the comparison of Ubuntu vs Linux Mint here.

ubuntu vs linux mint

Ubuntu, Linux Mint and Linux Debian is the most popular Linux distro. While Ubuntu is Debian based, Linux Mint is an Ubuntu-based operating system. At the start, they were somehow close and similar but now they have changed. Both of them are now using different philosophies and are moving in different directions.

This comparison is an experiment done by me. I am not any Linux expert. The only thing I can say for sure is that using Linux for all these years, I can say which one is better than others.

As I have used both of them for a while and I have made these observations. These are not fact these are the experience which I and my team has shared.

The goal is to share the experience with the users who are new to Linux. And hopefully, this article will help them to come to the conclusion of the difference between Linux Mint and Ubuntu.

Still, what do you think? Which one is better? Feel free to use the comment section given below.

User Interface

Linux Mint has a way simpler and user-friendly interface than compared to Ubuntu. Mint is simple and has a straight to point UI whereas Ubuntu is quite confusing for the users, especially for rookies.

Linux Mint Interface

For example, Mint with Cinnamon as its default desktop environment has a taskbar and application menu at the bottom in the application panel. This is similar to many Windows OS and Windows users who are new to Linux might find it friendly.

Ubuntu Interface

On the other hand, Ubuntu has live applications on the dock which is present on the left of your screen. And a notification and global menu are present on the panel which is present on the top of the desktop.   

Themes, Desklets, and Applets

Ubuntu desklets

There is a separate section for Linux mint to install themes, Desklets, and Applets. Each of the sections has clear and simple navigation whereas Ubuntu has much-complicated terms to install any of these. You will need to search the internet to find the exact file to install it.



Plenty of options are there in Linux and that is one of the great things about it. Ubuntu is not as flexible in customizing your UI. You are limited to customize your interface in Ubuntu.

On the other hand, Mint has tons of settings to allow you to change every little detail in your interface.

The customization is not limited to your interface only, but they also offer customization in system settings as well. While Linux Mint is limited only to “what you see “, Ubuntu is more focused on settings and window management…

Desktop Environment

Ubuntu and Linux Mint both of them have some varieties of options for the users. Users have a number of options to choose one as a desktop environment.

Ubuntu desktop environments

Mint supports Cinnamon, MATE, Xfce as a desktop environment and recently has dropped KDE. Whereas Ubuntu gives you the option of Ubuntu Gnome, KDE Plasma, LXDE, MATE, Xfce and Budgie as desktop environment.


There are many desktop versions of both Ubuntu and Linux Mint. However, it takes extremely low resources for Linux Mint (Cinnamon edition) as compared to other Ubuntu versions like Ubuntu GNOME.

Mint is compatible with both new and old hardware, unlike Ubuntu. Whereas Xubuntu and Lubuntu are somewhat familiar with old hardware. Ubuntu is highly focused only on new hardware and can perform quite well with new hardware only.

Software management

Linux Mint Software Manager

In Mint the categories are more organized and can be easily navigated. Linux Mint has a lighter and quicker Software Manager as compared to Ubuntu. The Ubuntu is too time-consuming while opening the Software Manager.

Ubuntu Software manager

Most of the newbie users mess up with PPA while installing a third-party app. Which causes tons of problems and in the end, the only option left is to reset the PPA to default. However still, both of them have their own app stores to download the software.

Preinstalled Software

Both Mint and Ubuntu come with preinstalled open-source apps as the installation is done. Both of the Linux distros come with apps like LibreOffice and Firefox Browser. However, Mint also includes some day to day apps that are needed according to users like Java, Flash, Audio and Video Codecs, VLC, GIMP and many more.  

Codecs, Flash player and more

It doesn’t mean that Ubuntu doesn’t possess Codec at all. Ubuntu gives the option to install Codecs while you are installing it as your operating system. By any chance, if you didn’t install it at that time, then you might find yourself in a difficult time in the future.

The only solution to install codecs is to use the Ubuntu Restricted Extras package. Installation of the package is easy but finding the package is quite a work to do.

Stability and security

stability and security

Canonical is the software that keeps Ubuntu stable and secure. While Linux Mint who is based on Ubuntu, it is still not as stable as compared to Ubuntu.

Mint relies on Ubuntu whereas Ubuntu is letting Mint down and this can be the reason why Linux mint is moving from Ubuntu to Debian. As a result, they have started to distribute Linux Mint Debian Edition.


Linux Mint and Ubuntu both of them are having a simple and easy process to upgrade to new versions.

Updates are provided easily to the users and with few clicks on the Dash icon on the dock, your updater will start. The software Updater is used to download or install any update for your application or your current operating system easily. There are no differences or any serious concern that might take your attention in the upgradability section.


In the race for best for performance, Linux Mint is way ahead of Ubuntu. Ubuntu is compatible with only new hardware whereas mint can be run on old and new hardware. Still, if you have doubts you use mint on any laptop you want and you will see the laptop slowly gaining life in it.

Best for gaming

Comparing the gaming experience of Linux Mint and Ubuntu, there are no differences. However, Mint consumes a very small amount of resources which can be quite a deal while playing heavy games. Whereas Ubuntu uses tons of resources and supports only new hardware. You might also be interested in the best online games.

Community support

Ubuntu vs Linux Mint

It is pretty difficult to assume or to say which one has a more active or reliable community. Two of the OSes are famous and are loved by many.

Ubuntu is one of the biggest Linux Distro and a big community is supporting them. Big corporates companies like Canonical are always supporting Ubuntu. Still Linux Mint also doesn’t hang back. There are many communities that support in form of partnership, sponsorship, and donation for the development of Linux Mint.

Linux Mint vs Ubuntu Installation?

In the comparison for the installation of Linux Mint vs Ubuntu on your system, there are no diversities at all. Both of them are having a similar installation process and both of them are using a similar installer for the installation.

Final thoughts

Remember that we don’t hate Ubuntu at all. Nor we are sponsored by the Linux Mint to give positive reviews about them. These all the experience we got by using both of the OSes for few months.

If you are well known to any Linux Distro then Ubuntu might be a good option for you. But for all those newcomers, who are not familiar with any Linux Distro then Linux Mint is the best option for them.

Linux Mint is easy, clear and has somehow similar UI to Windows. The installation of the apps is easy, has better performance and needs fewer resources to run.  So, in the race between Ubuntu and Linux Mint, we can say that Mint has won the game.


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