The Difference Between Chromium and Chrome?

If you have ever used Chrome, then you might be familiar with Chromium. Chromium that blue Chrome-like browser. Have you ever imagined what is it used for? Or what is the difference between Chromium and Chrome?

Google Chrome vs chromium
Which one is better Google Chrome vs chromium?

Well, that browser with a blue Chrome logo is called Chromium.

Chrome and Chromium both are browsers developed by Google. Both of them are having the same base code. However, Chrome is the most popular browsers whereas there are only a few are there who use Chromium. So, what is the reason to have such a drastic difference? Stick with us till the end to know the difference between Chromium and Chrome.


Chrome is a cross-platform or platform independent browser based on Chromium. The first time it was released for the users with the support of Microsoft Windows. Later on, they have updated and started to support other platforms like macOS, Linux, and Android.

It is a freeware software distributed by Google. At the start, Chrome used WebKit as their preferred engine. However, later on, they made changes and changed it to Blink. Chrome is mostly based on the Chromium source code. But eventually, Google has made some changes.

They have made changes like Automatic updates, support for multiple media and many more. Chrome is completely maintained by Google. Which is the reason why there can’t be any kind of compilation or use the source code to make personal projects.

  • Option for auto-update
  • Uses CMD (content decryption module) aka WideVine. It is a scheme to provide video contents in the encrypted version
  • Integrated Abode Flash Player
  • H.264 video and AAC audio both are supported due to codecs
  • Beautiful logo
  • Crash reports
  • Updates testing before releasing
  • Sandbox is always on


Is an open-source browser maintained by the Chromium project. It means that any developer can bring changes to Chromium according to their will. Still, many updates are given by Google.

Google has released Chromium under the BSD license.

  • Open-source
  • Safe from User-Metric
  • Developers can customize it themselves

Purpose behind developing Chromium

Chromium was released in 2008 for the first time with Chrome. The Chrome is completely based on Chromium code. The goal behind this act was to encourage third-party developers. Google wanted third-party developers to create a more suitable and effective browser for platforms like macOS and Linux.

It was a big gamble by Google but in the end, as it looks. They are winning the game. Now, Chrome is the fastest and efficient browser out there.

Difference between Chrome and Chromium

Difference between Chrome and Chromium

There is a big difference in terms of numbers of users. Almost 70% of internet users are using Chrome while only a few are there to use Chromium.

Auto-update: In Chromium, there is an absence of an auto-updating option. And you will need to keep visiting manually for latest updates. Whereas, in Chrome, you have automatic updater who keep you up to date.

Google update: There are some outdated flash plug-ins that are supported by Chromium. However, you shouldn’t use it.  As those plugins can cause damage to your computer or data.

Testing: In Chrome new releases of updates are checked before sending it to users. Whereas in Chromium, there is no option for updates or checking. And if there is an update, then it is checked on users.

Reports: In Chrome, reports will be collected and send to Google to solve the bug or errors. Later on, Google will modify their browser and will give you new updates. However, there is no report or crash tracking in Chromium.

Flash support: Using outdated flash is one thing but sites supporting flash is another. There are sites that won’t work without flash. Since Chromium is an open-source app, so it doesn’t support adobe flash natively.

Media support: Chromium doesn’t support closed source media codecs like AAC, H.264, and MP3. This means playing YouTube, Netflix or daily motion is no more an option on Chromium. HTML5 is also not supported by Chromium.

App Store restrictions: Chrome allows extensions only from google Store. Chromium gives you more options, like downloading extensions from outside stores as well.

Tracking: Chrome uses the “User metric” feature wherein Chromium you won’t find it. In Chrome your browsing information is kept in track. A common example is that if you search for anything on the internet. You will find the same or results related to that topic.


Here are some similarities between Chrome and Chromium. These are the basic features present in both of them.

User-Interface: In Google Chrome you will face a better and more eye-catching logo. While in Chromium you see a simple blue logo. Both Chrome and Chromium have the same UI. There are absolutely no changes in UI.

Search engine: Both of them use the Blink engine. Previously they were using WebKit but now they have changed to Blink.

Base features: Things like malware protection and all basic features of Chrome is present in Chromium. The sync feature is also present in both of them.

Theme and extensions: Both of them can support the same theme and extensions.

Is Chromium safer than chrome?

Chrome or Chromium is safe?
Image by Vishnu Vijayan from Pixabay

Well, cannot say which one is safer. Chromium is open-source and is safe from malware. Due to being User-metric free, you are also free from being tracked. However, while downloading or updating there are chances that you might download or install spam or miscellaneous files from other developers.

Chrome is safe from most of the online spams, malware, and other threats. But you are always tracked by Google as you are using User-metric.

Learn how to stop pop-up ads and spams here.

So, we would recommend you Chrome in terms of Safety.

Why do people download Chromium?

Chrome is the fastest, most efficient and effective browser in the current market. Chromium has the same UI as Chrome. And most of the users use it, just to experience Chrome UI from Chromium.

All those who are using macOS or Windows OS, they are downloading Chrome. Whereas, Linux users use Chromium as it is more stable in Linux platform.

Which one to choose?

We have discussed each feature of both of them. And now, we know which of them lacks what kind of features. It is time to wrap up all the ideas and get into a conclusion.

If you are a developer or you are familiar with technology then we would recommend you to use Chromium. Cause you can tackle most of threats from other users and you can also customize it for yourself.

But if you are not aware of tech, then we would like to recommend you to use Google Chrome.


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