Best Bootable USB Software For Your Computer

If you are facing the problem to create an iso archive or bootable USB for software, then this is the right place for you. Well, we can move an ISO(file) to a USB drive and create a bootable USB for free. But, before that, there might some questions arise in your mind like. Can’t I just copy and use it and the file as bootable in the drive?

Remember, that you can have a copy of ISO on USB either by creating a bootable USB using software or by copying the file to your USB directly. However, there is big difference between copying a file and creating a bootable file.

Difference between copying the file and creating a bootable drive

By just copying the file, it will give you the option to have access to USB and its file. While Using software a bootable USB can easily be created. Which means on every rebooting(restart) you will have access to the file.

In simple word booting a drive will create an option to get access to drive even in a harsh time.

What is the need?

Times will come when you won’t be able to use your computer due to any kind of problems like Virus, Malware or having problems with OS. The only way to solve that problem is by changing the entire OS of your computer. On that time, you can’t access to USB and will need a bootable drive.

By using the following third-party apps you can easily create a bootable drive. By moving ISO to your USB and creating a bootable USB drive. It doesn’t matter either you are using an old OS or a new one. Your computer is having low specification or high. All of the apps are enough to create a bootable USB on your computer.

Or it is easy to share the files/data of comprehensive size from one to another point. There might come other conditions as well. However, we discussed a few above.

The option of bootable USB (software) is not limited to create only bootable USB drives for OS. You can also make bootable drives for games, apps and media files as well.

What is a bootable USB?

Do you remember there was a time when we used to go to the store to buy a CD or DVD? Whenever we inserted our CD or DVD windows are opened with Run the program or open the file option. That is what a bootable drive is.

You can also create a bootable USB using the software as given below. However, different software can integrate with different OS. So we made a list of the best bootable software and their best integrating operating systems.

Best Bootable USB Software for macOS

The macOS is an embedded operating system in Apple computers. We have chosen a single software to create a bootable USB. This is the best option for creating a bootable drive for any macOS. This is the best in many terms for macOS. As it can integrate highly and works efficiently.

UUByte ISO burner

Best Bootable USB Software for macOS

When it comes to file burning, then UUbyte ISO editor is one of its kind. This app can be used for repairs, software installations, creating a bootable USB or DVD.

Remember that you cannot use an ISO disk image file on Mac. Since Apple primarily uses the DMG format you can’t have that option. However, still, it is not possible to burn or create a bootable drive for blue-ray.

The app “UUbyte ISO editor” is one of the best ISO burners for Mac. It integrates highly with all macOS. In terms of well-performing, few can compete with UUbyte ISO editor.

UUbyte ISO editor also supports multiple file systems other than ISO like NTFS, FAT32. This app also supports different disk image like IMG, DMG, BIN and many more.

UuByte ISO burner has the ability to install a universal boot loader (also known as “install Grub4dos”). Which is the result that can stop windows boot manager and MBR/CD. This is the option for all those advanced users.

This wonderful app can easily burn ISO files to external media devices like CD, DVD, and USB. You can also quickly compress or decompress ISO file to any computer within a few seconds. You can also edit, add or remove files from the selected ISO images. With difficult user-interface, still, you are able to use it to its full potential.

UUbyte ISO burner features:

  • Highly integrates with mac
  • Can be used for installation
  • Multiple file support
  • Numerous disk image support

Best bootable USB software for windows

Windows is one of the biggest and most used OS in the world. With 88% of the market covered with Windows here, we have brought some software which will be you to create a bootable USB drive.


Is a lightweight software which is used for doing things like creating bootable drives, creating and editing ISO files. It can format any USB to FAT32, Fat, NTFS, exFAT, and UDF with ease.

You can download it completely free by clicking here.


Best bootable USB software for windows

The app is owned by iseepassword and can be run on different platforms like Windows, macOS or other. However, we have recommended it to use it for Windows. As it works brilliantly on Windows OS as compared to other OS in the market.

WizISO is one of the most underrated software, out there to create a bootable drive. With WizISO you can directly open ISO files and extract them anywhere you want. You can also copy ISO from computer to USB or from USB to computer with ease.

It is also able to create, edit, extract, burn files on disc and other external drives. With this app, you are not limited only to burn ISO files only to DVD/CD but you can also burn it to USB drives as well.

The WizISO has one of the clearest, easy and eye-catching user-interface. It has quite a straight forward user-interface, which makes it way too easy for the users to get used to it. You will find all the equipment’s needed for the work you want to do. Using it you can have the ability to secure your data in the discs. And, it also helps to secure all of your data with password protection.

With WizISO it is easier to create a bootable USB using the software.

Features of WizISO:

  • Can be used on different platforms
  • Has the ability to create a bootable USB, DVD, CD drive
  • Easy and clear user-interface

Best Bootable USB software for Linux

Since Linux is an open-source OS, so there are few recommendations for you. Which means that no officials are supporting. And, with the conditions of a new version in an unknown time, few developers are willing to create a version of their app for all the Linux distributions.

There are numbers of software to burn any ISO file or create a bootable drive which can be used on Linux OS. However, it is not guaranteed to work on each and every Linux distribution. Like there is an option like for Ubuntu users they can use the Startup Disk but for most of other Linux distributions, these options are either unavailable or unable to use.

Still, out of numbers of software we have brought one of most of the Linux users.

Universal USB Installer

Best Bootable USB software for Linux

Universal USB Installer aka USI is best for many Linux users. It is easy to use, as has simple and clear navigation for the users. Within a few minutes, you will get to use to it.

The UUI can be worked or used on USB drivers with Fat32 and NTFS properties. Using UUI you can create a Casper-rw loop file which can be larger than 4 GB. You can also use multiple software like windows, anti-virus and more. And make them bootable on a single USB drive.

The con of UUI is that it supports only drivers with MBR partition whereas GPT is not supported at all.


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