Best Operating System for Gaming on Laptops and Desktops

In the gaming section, every framerate is counted. Gaming is all about vibrant color, quality display, and speed of the game. These all are the basic things we want from any Operating System for Gaming (or Should we say best OS for gaming). It should provide whatever it takes to make a comfortable and easy to use OS.

There are many OS systems like steam OS, Linux, Windows and many more but the question is out of these which one is the Best Operating System for Gaming? Is Windows the best Operating System for Gaming or Linux? Does it even matter which OS you should use?

Does the operating system we will recommend you, will suit your needs? To understand each and every question we asked. And also to know which one is the Best Operating System for Gaming we will study the entire performances advantages and disadvantages.

To make the correct decision we will divide it into the following parts;

  • Performance
  • System updates
  • Online gaming
  • Range of games


Before starting the discussion, we have to know which operating systems are competing for the best Operating System for Gaming. Basically, the entire computer operating systems are divided into three categories.

  1. Windows
  2. Mac OS
  3. Linux
  4. Other small OS

These three operating systems are ruling the entire worlds internet.


One of the most dominating operating systems in the market. In the current 2019, almost above 75% of the share of the market is covered by Microsoft Windows. After the devastating failure of Windows 8 still, windows are covering a big share of the market.

Legendary Windows XP, 96, and the favorite of all windows 7 have covered almost every home computer and made available for every person use. Out of those versions of windows, windows 7 and 10 are competing hard with other competitors. However, after the announcement of Microsoft, it is sure that windows 7 series will end in 2020. You can also visit their official site.

Mac OS:

macOS is a built-in operating system preinstalled on all apple(computer) products. The latest version of macOS is Mojave after the OS Catalina which will be released this fall. Mojave is the latest series after the Sierra series. And as according to Apple Inc. to use the best version of Mac OS is to reinstall your current mac’s OS or install the latest version.

The new version macOS Catalina’s beta version has been released and the full version will be released soon this year. Mac OS is greatly compatible with all Apple products. Whereas, they are not so good with other non-apple products. Visit their official site.


Linux is an open-source operating system. Due to being open source, there is no series, updates or changes made directly by the Linux itself. However, there are tons of Linux based operating systems out of these Ubuntu, Debian, and Mint is the best according to us. Here is their official site.


Windows and Linux can be installed on any computer. Unlike macOS, they don’t need to be specified to a certain computer product. And you can customize your computer according to your need or games requirements.

Another thing to notice is that macOS is not any kind of heavy worker for sure. Yeah, we have seen many videos and photo editing on mac and they are performing quite well. But, when it comes to other things like gaming than macOS is not quite in a good place. And due to hardware limitation, you will need extra parts to insert externally on your Mac OS to use heavy programs.

While on Linux and windows you can go as harsh as you want. You can take out tons of works form these other two OS. Working on these other two OS (Windows and Linux) can be done without any hesitation.

Range of games:

Mostly all the “PC” gamers are users using windows OS. About 20,000 types of games can be played on Microsoft Windows while in Linux only 4000 and macOS 7000 games are available.

In comparison, the number of games available for Linux and macOS platform as compared to windows is quite low. Numbers of games is very important for us to complete the article for “Best Operating System for Gaming” and that is the reason we have added it.

Software updates

Updates are the most common things on any operating system but what do the updates do to any operating system? The updates provide solutions for most of your problems. OS like windows and macOS can use the user’s feedback to solve problems like bugs, security issues and more.

Updates will also provide you a more secure and easy platform. Updates can make easy navigation and better customer services to users.

You can easily get provided updates and even upgrades by officials, after using Windows and macOS. While as for Linux being an open-source platform with no dedicated servers or corporation, you won’t get any update. There will be some issues you might get form OS if it doesn’t update regularly.

1) Complexity installation general use

2) performance problem lagging diminishing speed

Online Gaming

After getting known to the internet, modern gaming has changed their sources from blue-ray disks and DVDs into online stores like Valve’s steam. Currently, the most used store for the game is Valve’s steam. However, there are many other digital distribution platforms (stores in easy words) on the internet.


One of the most famous and brilliant gaming stores online. It was released in 2003 is known for its work as digital rights management, matchmaking, video streaming and many more. In 2019 steam was having almost 90million monthly active users.

Steam is the 3rd party publishers who publish apps like DOTA 2, team fortress 2 and more. Steam was originally released for windows only but later on, they added different for other platforms as well.

In 2010 they provided a version of mac X and is still present. However, for Linux distributors steams is available only for Ubuntu-based platforms. For Linux Ubuntu-based steam was released in 2012 and after a while, in 2013 they provided for other Linux distributions. While in the list of all the Linux OS, the best Linux which works with steam is SteamOS.

There are also some other stores like Microsoft store, Origin,,, and Direct2Drive. or Know the best online games.


Every OS had some kind of advantages disadvantages however we can say that mac is not built for gaming, Sure, Apple has done a hack of good work by providing more memory, and good graphics cards but macOS is not a gaming platform at all. It can do a heck of work in video and photo editing but in the race for gaming, it is not worth it.

Sorry Linux users but Linux is also not a good option for gaming. Because most of the publishers are not sharing the Linux version of their games. Changing to windows can be the best option for all those gamers there. The Windows platform can be the best option for you cause of its high number of games on stores, can be easily be added extra hardware and can do the heavy work. and it was our list for Operating System for Gaming.

Out of all those Windows OS, we would recommend Windows 10 to use for this purpose.

Operating System Pros Cons
Microsoft Windows 1) Highly in use
2) Vast options on choosing a program
3) Easy
1) Poor security (malware, virus, ads)
2) Bugs and errors
Linux 1) Very versatile
2) Options in choosing programs
1) Hard to new users
2) Software comp ability error
macOS1) Stable hard and software
2) Highly secured  
1) Can integrate brilliantly with Apple products
2) Few third-party apps
3) Very expensive  

 Here is a question, what do you think. Which Operating System for Gaming? Write down your answers in the comment section. For more visit our homepage.


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