Best Image Viewer Application For Windows 10

Microsoft has provided a new version of the photo viewer in Windows 10. This photo viewer is named Photos. However, it has tons of bugs and errors while using.

The Windows 10 is very uneasy as it takes way too much time to load your image. As, a personal experience I can say that, it takes courage to waste all those times just to open a picture.

best image viewer on Windows 10

So, as a result, we have brought you some apps as an alternative to your windows 10 image viewer. This will image viewer will not only save your time but will also give you furthermore features. All of the following image viewers can support all image formats.

We have collected a list of best photo viewer for Windows 10. These are the app who work way more faster and is efficient than Windows 10 image viewer.

  1. Irfan view
  2. Xlideit
  3. GIMP
  4. FastStone image viewer
  5. Honey Viewer
  6. XN Viewer

How to make the default image viewer?

Irfan View

Irfan View image viewer

The first one on our list is Irfan View. This is a lightweight photo viewer who can work great as an alternative option for Windows image viewer (Photo) in windows 10.

Irfan View loads images much faster than most of the image viewer in the market. It also has the feature of Slide Show with the option of image converter. You can use this feature and convert you to the format you want.

Using this image viewer, you can also edit your images and use all those amazing image effects. The best thing about Irfan View is that it supports Plugins. Which means that any plugin for image support can be used in Irfan View.

Irfan view is completely free for non-commercial use however, you will need to buy the license if you want to use it for commercials uses.


Xlideit image viewer

Xlideit is a lightweight image viewer which can be an ideal choice for Windows 10. The app has a simple UI with the basic options of deleting, cropping, zooming, and resizing.

There is also an option for full screen or windows mode to view your pictures.


GIMP is an open-source app normally used in Linux. However, it also gives a great performance in Windows as well. With simple UI you can easily find the tools you want.

GIMP is completely free of cost and is a suitable alternative to Windows 10 photo viewer.

FastStone image viewer

Faststone image viewer

With fast viewing compatibility, this image viewer is completely free of cost. It can do things like slideshow, video playing, and format converting. You can also edit pictures in the Fast Stone image viewer.

Effects like bump maps, oil painting, sketch, blue and watermark can be done easily in this image viewer.

This image viewer allows the users to view and manage their photos at the same time.  It can also support numerous image formats like JPEG, TIFF, PCX, PPNG, and RAW files.

The drag/drop and copy/move feature is present in FastStone Image Viewer which will be even more helpful.

Honey viewer

The honey view is not a featured photo viewer, it a popular and free photo viewer. It is fast, light and supports all of the image’s formats.

The honey view is free from adware, malware and all other types of harmful things.

It can be used on multiple Windows platforms like Windows 10, 8, 7 and Windows XP.

XN Viewer

XN Viewer

Is a popular image viewer who can work as alternative to windows photo viewer. It is can open multiple images at a time. You can also use the portable version with it can support more than 500 image formats.

In XN Viewer you can have features like

  • Built-in the video player
  • Slide show viewer
  • Image converter
  • Add text
  • Watermark
  • Red-eye correction

With all these features still, you can do things like the set timer on slides, play audio in the background of your slide images. It can also be used on different windows versions like 10, 8 and more.

XN viewer is amazing in terms of speed, format support, and all other stuff. However, we have ranked it because it is not freeware and you will need to buy the license.

How to use image viewers as an alternative?

To use any of the applications given below, you will need to follow these simple steps.

  • You will need to download the app
  • The app should be installed in your system
  • Make the app as a default image viewer

How to make a default image viewer?

You need to go to Search bar>Default apps> photo viewer.

The first step is type Default apps in the Start bar right in the left bottom.

The next step is to click on Photo viewer and select the app you to want to make as a default photo viewer.

However, there will time when the image viewer might not be able to detect the image on the event follow these steps.

make image viewer as default

Right-click on the image, then click on open with. Now, click on Choose another app.

make image viewer as default

Select the image viewer you want as default and check the box of always use this app. the next step is to click on OK.


All of the image viewers are updated and is completely free from things like malware, spyware, and other harmful things.

As now you have an idea of what is the option you have. So now, you can the best image viewer for your windows 10.


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