Top Free Alternative Android App Store 2019

Have you spent your hours but still could not found the application/game you wanted? Well, there might be a reason like the application is not available in your country or is not available in google play store due to some other reasons.

There might come a time when you will face problems like all Huawei users recently faced. Don’t worry we got some alternative Android app stores that might be helpful and useful to you. These third-party app stores will cover the need of the apps you wanted. Here you can find free and priced applications.

Android market is huge due to many competitors competing with each other for the best spot. The best and main shareholder of the android market is Google play store but sometimes even google play doesn’t possess the apps you want. In times like that these third-party apps stores (which are Alternative Android App Store) will help you.

Is there another app store besides Google Play?

Yes, there are numbers of other app stores present. You can download or install any of them.

Which is the best app store?

Well, the most appreciated app store is the Google, Apple and Microsoft app store. However, there are other alternates who are quite amazing.

Does Android have an app store?

Yes, Android has many app stores. But the most popular one is the Google app store.

1) Amazon app store

Amazon is one of the most successful competitors in the market of app stores. The newly made app store is spreading like fire in the jungle. With its own operating system (Fire OS) Amazon is challenging Google and its team. You can download applications, games, music, and books from this store.

Amazon is slowly changing from an alternative Android app store to more stable app stores for many mobile phones.  Amazon also has a brilliant feature named “free app of the day”. As you got the idea form the name the app store sales a premium application for free every day. In Amazon, the prices of applications, books even audios are lower or suitable as compared to other stores.

The Amazon app store is having a problem while installation. While downloading any apps unlike the google app store you cannot just click and the download occurs automatically. You have to skip and next to the installation process.

1. Detailed explanation about the app
2. Suitable prices
3. Free app of the day feature
1. Mostly Amazon OS-based apps

You can visit their homesite.

2) Samsung Galaxy Apps

Samsung Galaxy app is a stage provided by Samsung for its users as an alternative Android app store. The app store is having clean user interference with simple navigation for the users. Samsung app store is liked by many users due to its simple interference and being easily accessible. It is quite easy to download and install any app in Samsung Galaxy app store.

Samsung Galaxy is a brilliant app store but still, it has one big defect. The defect is that it can with only Samsung or Samsung related products. Each app and every application are tested in Samsung Galaxy App store. However, the number of application in your app store can differ according to your location.

1. Simple and clear user interface
2. All the app are tested
3. Easy to navigate
1. Few numbers of apps
2. Apps are available based on your location

3) 1mobile market

This application store is having the best selection process for its users. With the few searches, the app store gets what kind of app customer wants. The 1mobile market is having some great quality test before uploading the application for the users. They are having numbers of applications on multiple mobile formats. The 1mobile market is having an organized and clean layout for the users.

It also has “game of the week” feature. The feature makes a tab at the top of the page and shows 50 recently uploaded games. The app store is fast and can be easily accessible.

1. Fast Download
2. No lagging
3. Great suggestion option
4. Quality test
1. App with no reviews
2. Outdated apps
3. Illegal apps

4) Slide me

This is the only runner who is competing with google app store from the start. The Slide me uses PayPal for payment, unlike google store. Which can be very handy for most of the users.

SM also provides free developers services for users who have made an account. Slide me only allows the application who are having quality contents and are having no spams or virus. With the mechanism of the app, protection Slide me makes its app more protected from any kind of virus, malware.

However, downloading applications from Slide me doesn’t always work well. Sometimes the downloaded applications stop responding while sometimes it takes a little bit of time to upload new apps.

1. PayPal can be used
2. App protection
3. Quality apps
1. Takes time to upload new apps
2. App stops responding

5) Get jar

Get jar is growing in a good manner and is one of those stores having in-app currencies. Out of all the other store get jar is only one having highly maintained visual currency. The Get jar supports its supporter by providing its visual currency as a reward for their loyalty.

The store also supports operating systems like Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Symbian, and Android. Not all of them are up to date and some of the apps are buggy. With errors in apps Get jar is not so secure.

1. Visual currency
2. Supports many operating systems
3. Loyalty bonus
4. Number of apps
1. Is avail only for mobile version
2. Buggy apps
3. Outdated apps

6) APtoide

Like me, most of the APtoide users don’t know how but this app store is having some initial charm for the users. The users get attracted and slowly makes it their first choice to download applications. In APtoide you can find bundles of apps that are not present on google play store. APtoide can also synchronize with your applications whom you have downloaded from other android markets.

Aptoid is malware-free third-party app store. This app store is having a large number of applications. However, this third-party app store is having some fake apps and is having a slow downloading speed.

1. Can find apps that not available on Google Play
2. Synchronize with your apps
3. Malware free
4. A large number of apps
1. Slow Download Speed
2. Fake apps

7) Mobogenie

Mobogenie is one of those third-party app stores that support multiple languages. In this app site, you can find videos, images and many more about the application you want. On your PC you can find some sensible suggestions about the applications. The web is designed beautifully for users.

One of the cons of the Mobogenie is a large number of pop up ads. And for the better performance, you have to connect your phone with your computer.

1. Supports Multiple apps
2. Reviews in the form of videos and images
3. Sensible suggestion
4. Beautifully designed
1. Numbers of pop up ads
2. Connect the phone to computer

8) Appbrain

Appbrain has launched more than 30 mobile applications. Appbrain is available all over the world and is published by the original owners. You can download directly from the app store without any interfere.

The store is having a low number of apps and needs The Appbrain needs an account to download an application from the store.

1. Available all over the world
2. Published by owners
3. Download directly
1. Needs account
2. A low number of apps

9) Uptodown

Uptodown is having free downloading for special locations. The Uptodown app store always checks applications to be free from the virus for the users like you and me. No users account is needed to download any app in uptodown. Unlike Google Play, Samsung app store and many more you don’t need to log in your account to download any app. The app store is functional for all the devices.

There is a big failure in Uptodown and the problem is it is quite hard to find the app you want. Because there are no proper categories for the applications.

1. Virus-free
2. No need to sign in your account
1. No proper categories

Best open source websites

What is an open-source website? Open-source websites are the sites that can be changed, modified in any aspect by coding.

You are not compale to download files from above. Here are some open-source stores which can be an Alternative Android App Store.

Open-source sites are sharing paid apps for free. Most of the sites also shares paid applications being cracked. However, the site cannot rely on Google AdSense or any other type of income. The entire open source sites rely on donation from the fans. The open-source apps are not having any kind of reviews or ratings about the app.

1) is an app store who sells applications and buys apps from users. Above 15,000 applications and games are present in is having the option of “positive only”.

It is about the apps, where you can only give a positive review of the application. You cannot give any kind of negative review about any app. Due to support from the fans is having no ads pop-up. The app store is giving small details like file size, available for which operating system. All these small things make the website even better.

1. No ads
2. Gives the smallest details
3. Supports both mac and windows
1. No rating or reviews
2. No screenshots
3. Few options for languages

2) f-droid

F-droid will not track your location due to its open-source properties. Having a simple and easy layout makes it even more efficient. They are having a new category which gives the latest info about the apps. F-droid is fast and also possess a built-in search engine.

The cons of f-droid are not having a large number of apps, no screenshot or reviews.

1. Easy and simple layout
2. Fast downloading
3. Built-in search bar
1. No screenshots
2. No reviews or ratings


Like Google Play every alternative Android app store has pros and cons. They all are having their advantages and disadvantages. We cannot recommend you any fixed app store because you have to choose that, according to your need. The one with which you are comfortable and satisfied is the best one for you.

However, Samsung was a good contender but due to its integration with Samsung products, he is not the best option for many. So the best option out of these is the Amazon app store.


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